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Many C# language constructs, like try/catch/finally, using, for, do, while, and foreach, can t be used if you want to start the construct as one method and end it in another method . For example, in my Server class, I d like to use C# s using statement to open the pipe and then have it automatically be closed in a finally block . However, I can t use using because I open the pipe in Server s constructor and I close it in a different method, WriteDone . It s hard to implement other features that many developers typically need such as coordinating multiple concurrent operations, supporting cancellation and timeout, and marshaling work to the GUI thread to update controls .
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To demonstrate the features of the Logging block, we provide a sample application that you can download and run on your own computer. You can run the executable directly from the bin\Debug folder, or you can open the solution named Logging in Microsoft Visual Studio to see the code and run it under Visual Studio. The application includes a preconfigured database for storing log entries, as well as scripts you can use to create the Logging database within a different database server if you prefer. You do not need to run the scripts if you have Microsoft SQL Server Express installed locally. If you want to specify a different database for logging, edit the script named CreateLoggingDb.cmd to specify the location of the database and execute it. After you do that, you must change the connection string named ExampleDatabase to point to your new database. In addition, depending on the version of the operating system you are using, you may need to execute the application under the context of an account with administrative privileges. If you are running the sample from within Visual Studio, start Visual Studio by right-clicking the entry in your Start menu and selecting Run as administrator. One other point to note about the sample application is that it creates a folder named Temp in the root of your C: drive if one does not already exist, and writes the text log files there so that you can easily find and view them. The first of the examples, Simple logging with the Write method of a LogWriter, demonstrates how you can use a LogWriter directly to create log entries. The first stage is to obtain a LogWriter, and the example uses the simplest approach the GetInstance method of the current Enterprise Library container. See the following code.
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Systeminfo Systeminfo.exe is a command-line utility that displays information about your Windows version, BIOS, processor, memory, network configuration, and a few more esoteric items. Figure D-3 shows sample output.
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Our main impressions of color also originate here at the yellow spot and its immediate surroundings . To see something properly, we use our eye muscles to point this optic axis at what we want our brains to interpret .
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DC=contoso,DC=com The domain partition, which contains objects (such as users and computers) associated with the local domain. Each domain controller stores a full replica of the domain partition for its local domain. In addition, in this partition DNS data is stored for compatibility with Microsoft Windows 2000 DNS servers. To store DNS zone data in the domain partition, set the zone replication scope in the DNS console to All Domain Controllers In The Domain. (This is the default setting.) CN=Configuration,DC=contoso,DC=com The configuration partition, which contains replication topology and other configuration information that must be replicated throughout the forest. Each DC in the forest has a replica of the same configuration partition. However, this partition does not include DNS zone data. CN=Schema,DC=contoso,DC=com The schema partition, which contains the classSchema and attributeSchema objects that define the types of objects that can exist in the Active Directory forest. Every DC in the forest has a replica of the same schema partition. However, this partition does not include DNS zone data.
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Bottom-up, top-down, sandwich, risk-oriented, feature-oriented, T-shape do you get the feeling that people are making these names up as they go along They are. None of these approaches are robust procedures that you should follow methodically from step 1 to step 47 and then declare yourself to be done. Like software-design approaches, they are heuristics more than algorithms, and rather than following any procedure dogmatically, you come out ahead by making up a unique strategy tailored to your specific project.
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<configuration> <runtime> <gcConcurrent enabled="false"/> </runtime> </configuration>
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Finally we call the IFormatter.Serialize method, passing in the stream and the object to persist. Restoring the object is just as easy. We create a new FileStream that will read from the file that we created and then call the IFormatter.Deserialize method passing in the stream. In common with the Java serialization support, the Deserialize method returns an object, which must be cast to SimpleClass before we can print the values of the int and string members. This example demonstrates the basic serialization of an object. The following sections illustrate how the programmer can exert more control over the serialization process and select which elements should be persisted.
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XML Site Maps
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Why Audit
formality in small and large projects, see 27, 2 How Program Size Affects 3 Construction.
Deploying WPF Prism Application with ClickOnce
When you need to select dates for use in your Silverlight applications, you can use the Calendar and DatePicker controls. The Calendar control displays the days in a given month or the months in a given year, and it provides arrow buttons that allow the user to control the current view of month or year by moving to the next or previous month. The DatePicker combines this display with a text box in which the user can enter the date according to a format, or the user can access a drop-down list in which to select a specific date. Look at the Calendar control first. It is simple to get started with this control:
When designing a type or a member, you can select only one accessibility modifier. So, for example, you can t mark a method as both Assembly and Public. Nested types (which are considered members) can be marked with any of the six accessibility modifiers. However, unnested types can be marked only with Public or Assembly accessibility because the other accessibility modifiers just don t make sense. If an unnested type isn t explicitly marked, C# and Visual Basic both default to Assembly (internal/Friend). In addition to the accessibility modifiers, types and members can also be marked with some predefined attributes. The CLR defines the set of predefined attributes, but each programming language might choose different names for these attributes. 143
Default TCP/IP settings
26. Code-Tuning Techniques
Common Security Scenarios
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