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Messaging services SMTP
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Surveys uses an asynchronous task in a worker role to maintain the ordered list of BLOBs.
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Comments Gets or sets the text of the command to execute against the data source. The syntax of this text depends on the CommandType property. CommandTimeout Gets or sets the time (in seconds) that the executing command waits for a response before terminating and throwing an error. The default value is 30 seconds. Gets or sets the command type represented by this IDbCommand instance. CommandType Specified using the following members of the System.Data.CommandType enumeration:
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If you want to add a field such as numWithholdings, you simply add it to the Structure declaration. Neither the three statements above nor any similar statements throughout the program need to be modified. C++ and other languages have similar capabilities.
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As you learned in 7, modules are primarily used for displaying data. To provide a sample of this capability, I ll walk you through the creation of a module that presents a simple greeting. This module, called mod_hellofrom, has a single parameter, location, that is set in the Module Manager and displayed along with the welcome message. As shown in Figure 13-1, the module will be displayed in the top of the left column. All front-end modules are stored in the \modules directory by the Extension Manager after installation. The name of each folder matches the name of the module. All the files of the module, including the installation directives file, will be placed in this folder. Later, when you create a component, you ll notice that (unlike a module) the installation directives file is not copied into the associated component folder.
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Creating and Editing File Screen Templates
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Listing 31-3. Java layout example #3.
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10 . . Run the program and navigate to the DotNetLinks page . You should now see the links displayed as typical, functional HTTP links, as shown in the following graphic:
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Adding or Modifying a User Account Following Net User username, you can append any or all of the parameters shown in Table 11-4. For example, you can add a new account for a user named Josie, create a complex password, and prevent Josie from changing the password with the following command:
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Setting Up Connection Manager in a Test Lab
Int32[] myIntegers; // Declares a reference to an array myIntegers = new Int32[100]; // Creates an array of 100 Int32s
This section allows you to customize what will display in the navigation link.
Here s the code for a different page designed using the same schema, another.aspx:
25. Code-Tuning Strategies
Spatial Reference Identifiers
method inline so it doesn t have to be written inside its very own method . For example, the code above could be rewritten as follows:
Open two connections. Run the following code in Connection 1 to run an in nite loop that in each iteration updates the salary of employee D from its current value to 6000 minus its current value (switching between the values 1000 and 5000):
Record Type Select the record type that you want the list to display. This list will only display entities that allow views to be associated with them. View Choose the view that the list uses to display data. The view selected will dictate the filter criteria and the columns that are displayed.
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