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Playing and Organizing a Digital Music Collection
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Windows Home Server
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and some images. Soon we added server-side script and database connectivity to enable more meaningful scenarios. The power of having a server-based, near-zero deployment, ubiquitous, crossplatform application environment has been (and still is) the driving force that pushes us to build web applications. There has always been, however, a major gap in the richness of the user interface (UI) between a desktop application accessing the web and a web browser. We ve seen many attempts to close this gap, including Java, Microsoft ActiveX, ActiveX Documents, Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language (DHTML), and others. It remains to be seen whether this gap will ever really be closed. However, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) and jQuery both provide a nice compromise between a rich client and a web-only application. These technologies extend what is capable on the client without breaking the paradigm of a web application. AJAX is rooted in the web and, like its counterparts HTML and DHTML, it is standards driven, cross platform, and ubiquitous. This makes it a great choice for adding client interactivity to applications that must remain true to the concept of a website.
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Property LoginImageUrl LoginText LogoutAction LogoutImageUrl LogoutPageUrl LogoutText
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Regarding the Client attribute, the name values refer to older names of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook client, but you can probably figure out what they refer to:
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Network Protocols Network protocols are network languages used for computer-tocomputer communication. For example, Windows networks, UNIX networks, and the Internet all rely on the TCP/IP network protocol for basic communication. In Windows, connections can communicate with foreign hosts only by using network protocols that are installed on the local computer and bound to that connection. TCP/IP (version 4) is installed and bound by default to every connection. However, the NWLink protocol must be manually installed, configured, and bound to connections requiring compatibility with Novell NetWare networks that do not use TCP/IP. (NWLink is the Microsoft implementation of the Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange [IPX/SPX] protocol, which is native to NetWare.) In addition, the AppleTalk protocol must be manually installed and bound to connections requiring compatibility with Apple networks that do not use TCP/IP.
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virtual private connection. However, you can use PPTP with a certificate infrastructure if you choose EAP-TLS as the authentication protocol. Figure 10-34 illustrates PPTP-type encapsulation. The link between the two VPN endpoints is treated as a PPP connection, which is encrypted through MPPE. The PPP frame is then wrapped with a Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) header and an IP header.
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<TransformGroup> <RotateTransform x:Name="secondHandTransform" Angle="180"/> <TranslateTransform X="150.5" Y="145"/> </TransformGroup> </Path.RenderTransform> </Path> </Canvas>
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n Note An extension to the Time class provided by the standard library can also parse times, though at a more preformatted level. See http://stdlib.rubyonrails.org/libdoc/time/rdoc/index.html for information. There s also a library in the standard library called ParseDate that provides a method that converts textually formatted dates into an array of values representing different aspects of the supplied date. You can learn more about ParseDate at http://www.ruby-doc.org/stdlib/libdoc/parsedate/rdoc/ index.html.
CHAPTER 1: Introducing Nokia s Software Platform
Cohen, ed., Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review, http://www.smartbearsoftware.com.
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Security Alert In general, you should stay logged on as Administrator only briefly to perform administrative functions. Alternatively, you can use the Runas command-line command or the Run As shortcut menu command to invoke Administrator privileges when necessary from a Domain User account. Leaving a computer logged on as Administrator can be danger ous when you are connected to the Internet. To protect against malicious network intrusions and damaging computer viruses, be sure to log off Administrator or shut down your computer after you finish exercises in this book.
Programmers frequently work with sets of bit flags. When you call the System.IO.File type s GetAttributes method, it returns an instance of a FileAttributes type. A FileAttributes type is an instance of an Int32 based enumerated type, where each bit reflects a single attribute of the file. The FileAttributes type is defined in the FCL as follows:
Unlock Information with a Visual Prompt
You should always call ReferenceEquals if you want to check for identity (if two references point to the same object) . You shouldn t use the C# == operator (unless you cast both
Bring up the Article Manager and set the Display # setting at the bottom of the page to show 100 articles. All the articles should now be displayed in a single list. In the column that holds the check boxes, you might have noticed that there is a check box in the column header. Click the check box and every item in the table will be selected as shown in Figure 4-11.
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