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While most of the site content is displayed through menus that access sections and categories, there is one page that is entirely unique: the Frontpage. The Frontpage is the home page of the site, and content from any section, category, or uncategorized article can be displayed there. For that reason, the Frontpage has a dedicated manager, as shown in Figure 5-8. The Frontpage Manager is a catch all that acts in much the same way as the Article Manager. It allows articles to be published, unpublished, reordered, and archived. Think of the Frontpage Manager as a shortcut that acts the same as an Article Manager filter, only it does so for the content that appears on the home page.
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The Sys.Net namespace contains classes focused on the communication between the browser and the server. The classes in this namespace provide the basis for doing partial-page updates and calling web services from the browser. Classes in this namespace include the Sys.Net.WebRequest class, which is covered in 10 in the web services discussion.
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Lesson 4
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Examples Press F9 several times to create new charts in the Shape 1, Shape 2, and Shape 3 worksheets . In the Shape 1 sheet, it is extremely difficult to identify what is the foreground and what is the background, which figure actually visualizes the numbers, or what is the area in front of this figure . Sometimes, the only way to identify the data series and the plot area is to actually click the chart . Note The worksheets in this file are protected without a password . If you want to examine the
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Of course, you can add a correlation to return partitioned calculations just like you did with row numbers.
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As mentioned before, Parallel LINQ has multiple threads processing items, and then the results must be merged back together . You can control how the items are buffered and merged by calling WithMergeOptions, passing it one of the ParallelMergeOptions flags:
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Zip Task Parameters
CHAPTER 8: Testing Your Application
Print configuration details
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Verifying the Client Configuration
In this example, statement A begins the control construct and statement D ends the control construct. The alignment between the two provides solid visual closure. The controversy about formatting control structures arises in part from the fact that some languages don t require block structures. You can have an if-then followed by a single statement and not have a formal block. You have to add a begin-end pair or opening and closing braces to create a block rather than getting one automatically with each control construct. Uncoupling begin and end from the control structure as languages like C++ and Java do with { and } leads to questions about where to put the begin and end. Consequently, many indentation problems are problems only because you have to compensate for poorly designed language structures. Various ways to compensate are described in the following sections.
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