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internal sealed class SomeType { ~SomeType() { Program.s_ObjHolder = this; GC.ReRegisterForFinalize(this); } }
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private void SomeMethod() { Boolean trySucceeds = false; try { ... trySucceeds = true; } finally { if (!trySucceeds) { /* catch code goes in here */ } } }
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The IsolatedStorageFileStream class represents a given file. It is used to read, write, and create files within isolated storage. The class extends the FileStream class, and in most cases, developers will use a StreamReader and StreamWriter to work with the stream. As an example, the following code creates a new file named TextFile.txt and writes a string to the file: using (var store = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication()) { IsolatedStorageFileStream stream = store.CreateFile("TextFile.txt"); StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(stream); sw.Write("Contents of the File); sw.Close(); }
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ADMX Templates and the Central Store
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Figure 27-15 Content Adisor blocks pages with ratings beyond the limits you set and pages that aren t rated.
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public sealed class Complex { public static Complex operator+(Complex c1, Complex c2) { ... } }
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Page 21
Lesson 2: Performing Site Navigation
Internal Ethernet Network
Configure TCP/IP addressing on a server computer Troubleshoot TCP/IP addressing
I will elaborate on join operators in 5 . The optimal index here would be one where shipperid is defined as the key column, and orderid and custid are defined as included non-key columns, but there's no such index on the table. Rather, the index idx_nc_sid_od_i_cid defines the shipperid as the key column and also contains the custid column, and the index PK_Orders contains the orderid column. The optimizer used the access method nonclustered index seek + ordered partial scan to obtain the relevant data from idx_nc_sid_od_i_cid , and it used an unordered nonclustered index scan to obtain the relevant data from PK_Orders . It then intersected the two sets based on the row locator values; naturally, row locator values pointing to the same rows will be matched. You can think of index intersection as an internal join based on a match in row locator values. Here are the performance measures that I got for this query: Scan count: 2 Logical reads: 3671 Physical reads: 33 Read-ahead reads: 2347 CPU time: 1161 ms Elapsed time: 5202 ms Estimated subtree cost: 16.7449
This generates the following output:
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