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As you surf the Web, you see all manner of pages . Some sites update their content very often, whereas others change much less often . Some pages have portions that change while other portions of the page remain static . If you have a page whose content changes infrequently, you can cache the output instead of regenerating it every time a request comes in . At the outset, turning on output caching is easy . To set up caching, place the OutputCache directive on the page . It s a separate directive, like the Page directive, that enables caching and provides certain control over caching behavior . The following exercise introduces caching output .
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Class Name
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Address-Of Operator and Pointer Indirection
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Patch Management
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In the Table-Per-Subclass strategy each subclass, interface, and abstract class have their own table containing only the properties for that particular class. In the tables, all associations are represented as foreign key constraints. To enable polymorphic queries, Hibernate uses the same primary key for all constituent parts of an object instance. From the standpoint of data storage, this strategy provides a completely normalized schema, and adding an object does not imply modification to existing tables but simply the addition of a new table. Major drawbacks are that it requires multiple SQL queries for saving and updating, and SQL join queries for data retrieval.
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reason for getting an inefficient plan is because the filter has an OR operator between the expression O.OrderDate > A.OrderDate, and the expression O.OrderDate = A.OrderDate AND O.OrderID > A.OrderID. See the sidebar "Logical Transformations" for details about OR optimization vs. AND optimization. Following the sidebar, I'll provide the optimized implementation of the stored procedure using AND logic.
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Explanatory comments are typically used to explain complicated, tricky, or sensitive pieces of code. In such situations they are useful, but usually that s only because the code is confusing. If the code is so complicated that it needs to be explained, it s nearly always better to improve the code than it is to add comments. Make the code itself clearer, and then use summary or intent comments.
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<body> <table width=120 bgColor="0000ff"> <tr> <td> <form runat=server> <center> <h3> <font face="Verdana" color=Yellow>Login<font> </h3> <table width=100%> <tr> <td> <font color=yellow>Email:</font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <input id="UserEmail" type="text" runat=server size=20 maxlen=30 />
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The configuration tools will automatically add the required block to your application configuration file with the default configuration when required. For example, when you add a Logging handler to an Exception Handling block policy, the configuration tool will add the Logging block to the configuration with the default settings. The seven application blocks we cover in this guide are the functional blocks that are specifically designed to help you manage a range of crosscutting concerns. All of these blocks depend on the core features of Enterprise Library, which in turn depend on the Unity dependency injection and interception mechanism (the Unity Application Block) to perform object creation and additional basic functions. To begin using Enterprise Library you must first install it. You can download the current version from http://msdn.microsoft.com/entlib/. Simply run the Microsoft Installer (MSI) package to begin the installation, and select the blocks and features you want to install. This installs the precompiled binaries ready for you to use, along with the accompanying tools and resources such as the configuration editor and scripts to install the samples and instrumentation. If you want to examine the source code, and perhaps even modify it to suit your own requirements, be sure to select the option to install the source code when you run the installer. The source code is included within the main installer as a separate package, which allows you to make as many working copies of the source as you want and go back to the original version easily if required. If you choose to install the source, then it s also a good idea to select the option to have the installer compile the library for you so that you are ready to start using it straight away. However, if you are happy to use the precompiled assemblies, you do not need to install or compile the source code. After the installation is complete, you will see a Start menu entry containing links to the Enterprise Library tools, source code installer, and documentation. The tools include batch files that install instrumentation, database files, and other features. There are also batch files that you can use to compile the entire library source code, and to copy all the assemblies to the bin folder within the source code folders, if you want to rebuild the library from the source code. It s not uncommon, when people first look at Enterprise Library, to see a look of mild alarm spread across their faces. Yes, there are quite a few assemblies, but remember: You only need to use those directly connected with your own scenario. Several are required for only very special situations. The runtime assemblies you will use in your applications are mostly less than 100 KB in size; and the largest of all is only around 500 KB. In most applications, the total size of all the assemblies you will use will be between 1 and 2 MB.
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Open the code-behind file and add properties to expose the Text property of the user control s TextBox controls. Your code should look similar to the following.
FIGURE 7-10 The dark gray Call to Action and medium gray Key Point slides should be the most visually
Arc (including a circle) Bezier curve Chord (circle segment) Convex polygon Ellipse Erase a rectangle Filled arc or circle Filled polygon
1. Open Network Connections, right-click the network connection you want to configure, and then click Properties. 2. On the General tab, click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and then click Properties.
If you re not using Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, you can still use Ruby if your computer s platform and architecture are listed at the start of this chapter. If you re a user of an
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The first argument for a declarative attribute is a value from the System.Security.Permissions.SecurityAction enumeration; this value allows the programmer to specify the kind of CAS request that the statement represents. Not all values can be applied for all permission scopes. Table 17-2 details these values.
Dfsutil /Addftroot /Server:Srv1 /Share:Public
FIGURE 9-4 Related entities in a grid view
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