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MSCorLib .dll since methods that take this many of arguments are fairly commonplace . However, the Action and Func delegate types that take 9 to 16 arguments are defined in System .Core .dll, as methods that take this many arguments are rare . And, in fact, these delegate definitions are mostly used internally by dynamic programming languages and are not generally used by developers directly .
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confusion in your plans and address them. It's not easy to do and will drive weaker engineers crazy, but the key issues will always pop out if you drill down enough. For example, in the requirements phase, you'll be asking questions such as, "What if our requirements aren't what the user wants " Such questions will prompt you to budget time and money to find out if those requirements are what you need to be addressing. In the design phase, you'll be asking questions like, "What if our performance isn't good enough " Such questions will make you remember to sit down and define your performance goals and start planning how you're going to achieve those goals by testing against real-world scenarios. Planning is much easier if you can get all the issues on the table. Just be thankful that your life doesn't depend on shipping software on time! Debugging War Story: Severe CFTL The Battle A client called us in because they had a big performance problem and the ship date was fast approaching. One of the first things we ask for when we start on these emergency problems is a 15-minute architectural overview so that we can get up to speed on the terminology as well as get an idea of how the project fits together. The client hustled in one of the architects and he started the explanation on the white board. Normally, these circle and arrow sessions take 10 to 15 minutes. However, this architect was still going strong 45 minutes later, and I was getting confused because I needed more than a roadmap to keep up. I finally admitted that I was totally lost and asked again for the 10-minute system overview. I didn't need to know everything; I just needed to know the high points. The architect started again and in 15 minutes was only about 25 percent through the system! The Outcome This was a large COM system, and at about this point I started to figure out what the performance problem was. Evidently, some architect on the team had become enamored with COM. He didn't just sip from a glass of COM Kool-Aid; he immediately started guzzling from the 55-gallon drum of COM. In what I later guessed was a system that needed 8 10 main objects, this team had over 80! To give you an idea how ridiculous this was, it was like every character in a string was a COM object. This thing was over-engineered and completely under-thought. It was the classic case in which the architects had zero hands-on experience. After about a half a day, I finally got the manager off to the side and said that there wasn't much we could do for performance because the overhead of COM itself was killing them. He was none too happy to hear this and immediately blurted out this infamous phrase: "We've got too big an investment in this code to change now!" Unfortunately, with their existing architecture, we couldn't do much to effect a performance boost. The Lesson This project suffered from several major problems right from the beginning. First, team members handed over the complete design to nonimplementers. Second, they immediately started coding when the plan came down from on high. There was absolutely no thought other than to code this thing up and code it up now. It was the classic "Code First, Think Later" problem preceded by "No-Thought Design." I can't stress this enough: you have to get realistic technology assessments and plan your development before you ever turn on the computer.
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SELECT empid, custid, YEAR(orderdate) AS orderyear, SUM(qty) AS totalqty INTO #Cube FROM dbo.Orders GROUP BY empid, custid, YEAR(orderdate) WITH CUBE; CREATE CLUSTERED INDEX idx_emp_cust_year ON #Cube(empid, custid, orderyear);
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} \ static \ char \ int \ { \ if \ { \ m_stBSMDVINFO.pfnDump \ m_stBSMDVINFO.pfnValidate = classname::ClassValidator ; \ AddClientDV \ } \ return ( _malloc_dbg ( nSize \ (int)m_stBSMDVINFO.dwValue \ lpszFileName \ nLine \ } \ static \ int \ char \ int \ { \ if \ { \ ( 0 == m_stBSMDVINFO.dwValue ) nLine ) * lpszFileName , /*iBlockType*/ , void * operator new ( size_t nSize , ) ) ; , , , ( &m_stBSMDVINFO ) ; = classname::ClassDumper ; ( 0 == m_stBSMDVINFO.dwValue ) nLine ) * lpszFileName , void * operator new ( size_t nSize ,
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Match all the settings of the profile. Match all the settings of the dial-in properties of the user account.
// Logical equivalent of tool-produced code if there is no // implementing partial method declaration: internal sealed class Base { private String m_name; public String Name { get { return m_name; } set { m_name = value; } } }
Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
Listing 12-9 shows the next step of creating the nested table based on the ERRATA_TAB_T type. Just as we did in the previous section with the EMPLOYEES table, we first create a copy C of the COURSES table, to keep that table unimpaired.
Part III Processes
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