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private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection("server=localhost;" + "Integrated Security=SSPI;Initial Catalog=GolfArticles"); SqlCommand cmd; cmd=new SqlCommand( "Select * from Customer Order By CompanyName",cn); try
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the value PreserveNewest and once for Always. Also during the batching, values from both None and Compile item types were placed in the same batch. Because of this we can create steps in our build process that don t discriminate based on an item type; only on one of its metadata values. If you do use this, you must ensure that every value in each referenced item type has declared the used metadata value. For example, if the example in Figure 6-17 had an additional ItemGroup declaration before the PrintInfo target, such as
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Now let s try to use those methods provided by Enumerable again. First let s get an AllVowels object: x = AllVowels.new Now you can call the methods upon x: x.collect { |i| i + "x" } => ["ax", "ex", "ix", "ox", "ux"]
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Part III Essential Types
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Native code compilers produce code targeted to a specific CPU architecture, such as x86, x64, or IA64 . All CLR-compliant compilers produce IL code instead . (I ll go into more detail about IL code later in this chapter .) IL code is sometimes referred to as managed code because the CLR manages its execution .
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On the last line, the C# compiler emits an IL instruction to unbox o (get the address of the fields in the object) and another IL instruction to copy the fields from the heap to the stack based variable p. Now look at this code:
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Figure 10-2: The DataSet is built by reading the DiffGram sections one after the next and using the row IDs to pair elements in the various blocks.
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/v "$(BuildNumber)"
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This chapter describes, step-by-step, how to configure remote access to a network through dial-up and virtual private network (VPN) connections. Remote access to corporate networks is expected by employers and employees alike, but deploying this feature securely is no simple matter. By explaining the concepts and procedures behind remote access addressing, authentication, authorization, and troubleshooting, this chapter enables you to configure remote access connec tivity in a secure and manageable fashion.
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Vendor classes are used to assign vendor-specific options to clients identified as sharing a commonly defined vendor type. User classes are used to assign options to clients identified as sharing a common need for similar DHCP options configuration.
The MapReduce Algorithm For some Windows Azure applications, being limited to a single task instance for certain large calculations may have a significant impact on performance. In these circumstances, the MapReduce algorithm may provide a way to parallelize the calculations across multiple task instances in multiple worker roles. The original concepts behind MapReduce come from the map and reduce functions that are widely used in functional programming languages such as Haskell, F#, and Erlang. In the current context, MapReduce is a programming model (patented by Google), that enables you to parallelize operations on a large dataset. In the case of the Surveys application, you could use this approach to calculate the summary statistics by using multiple, parallel tasks instead of a single task. The benefit would be to speed up the calculation of the summary statistics, but at the cost of having multiple worker role instances.
Page 21 Clear Timeline (Ctrl+Del) Use this command to remove all files from the timeline. This is useful if you decide you want to start over without having to create a new project and import or capture digital media files again. Select All (Ctrl+A) Use this command to select all the files in a specified area. For example, if you last clicked on the Video track of the timeline and used the Select All command, all of the files on the Video track would be selected. Rename (F2) Use this command to rename a selected item in the contents pane of the Media tab. For example, you can rename clips that are created from video files. Edit Slide Use this command to edit Microsoft PowerPoint slides that have been imported into Microsoft Producer. When you choose this command, Microsoft PowerPoint starts so you can edit your PowerPoint presentation. You can edit a PowerPoint presentation with a .ppt file name extension or a presentation that was saved in PowerPoint as a Web page with an .htm file name extension. Replace Web Link Use this command to replace a live Web page or a link to a live Web page that is selected in your presentation. This command lets you change the Web address or the link that is displayed. Presentation Scheme Use this command to open the Presentation Scheme dialog box. You can then specify the font, font size, and colors that are displayed in the presentation. View Menu The Vie w menu provides commands that enable you to switch between the different tabs, show or hide the toolbar, status bar, or timeline, and specify how icons are displayed in the Media tab. The following commands are on the Vi e w menu in Microsoft Producer. Media Tab (Ctrl+1) Use this command to display the Media tab, which shows all the digital media files available in your current project. This includes any imported or recorded audio and video, as well as any imported still images, HTML files, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. For all projects, standard folders that contain presentation templates, video transitions, and video effects are also displayed. The Media tab is discussed later in this chapter. Table of Contents Tab (Ctrl+2) Use this command to display the Table of Contents tab, which allows you to see and edit table of contents entries and information that displays on the introduction page of your presentation. The Table of Contents tab is discussed later in this chapter.
criteria_range: you should perform a search in this column criteria: you should search for this criterion
} catch(e){
ations . Aesthetically sophisticated harmony can t always be implemented, depending on the formatting of cell, number, and bars . Therefore, I prefer to display these bars in the adjacent cells . This produces considerable scope for various formatting effects, as shown in the example . This is achieved with a simple trick: the formulas in column G copy the values from column F on a one-to-one basis . Instead of in column F, the conditional formatting was implemented in column G using data bars . Then, you only need to hide the numbers in column G . This is achieved with the user-defined number format ;;; , which completely suppresses the display of values as explained earlier . The ranking in column H is implemented using the RANK function, which has already been mentioned in conjunction with the LARGE function . Naturally, another conditional formatting rule ensures the variable green coloring of the ranks 1 to 3 . Note Even if our brains resist this at first: instead of the higher ranks indicated by numbers, the lower ranks must be provided a visual alert when defining conditional formatting . The used embellishment is stored on the CD-ROM under \Materials\Pictures\StartingRange.tif . The image was turned, cut, and mirrored .
What Is SQL
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