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Figure 9-1. A solution for the bill of materials problem Notice that for the solution on the left-hand side, if you replaced the entity name PART with THING, and you replaced the two relationship descriptions with related to, then you would have the ultimate in generic data models! Although this book is not about database design, consider this joke as a serious warning: don t make your data models overly generic. Even if hierarchical data structures are correctly translated into relational tables, the retrieval of such structures can still be quite challenging. We have an example of a simple hierarchical relationship
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After learning about the three-tier architecture and implementing a bit of your web site s main page, it s time to continue your work by starting to create the HatShop product catalog. Because the product catalog is composed of many components, you ll create it over two chapters. In 3, you ll create the first database table and implement the data access code. By the end of this chapter, you ll have something dynamically generated on your web page.
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displayed when an article is being edited, a contributor may select the use of any language currently available on the Joomla system from the Content Language dropdown list.
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instance of the type:
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The java.util.logging Package
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The .NET reader and writer classes are functionally similar to those in Java. The Java classes were introduced to provide character-based streams to better support internationalization, and implementations include both base and pass-through streams. The .NET reader and writer classes are also character oriented but can't be used as pass-through streams. No base classes exist for the .NET readers and writers; each implementation stands alone, meaning that the programmer can't cast to a single abstract type. The classes described in this section most closely resemble the Java I/O model, implementing a division of responsibility between reading and writing data.
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Correct Answers: C
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Both of these issues can be fixed by using EIMIs . Here s a modified version of SomeValueType that has an EIMI added to it:
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// Create an initialize a String array String[] names = { "Jeff", "Kristin", "Aidan", "Grant" }; // Get just the names that have a lowercase 'a' in them. Char charToFind = 'a'; names = Array.FindAll(names, name => name.IndexOf(charToFind) >= 0); // Convert each string's characters to uppercase names = Array.ConvertAll(names, name => name.ToUpper()); // Display the results Array.ForEach(names, Console.WriteLine);
4. In the ribbon, click Save and Close.
Constraint Checking
The following class shows how to use three of these properties to see what has changed within an AppDomain between two points in time:
Standard Math Functions
Detecting the use of a Custom Attribute Without Creating Attribute-Derived Objects
Other node properties
MD4 Hash
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