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This method causes the thread to suspend itself until the specified amount of time has elapsed . Calling Sleep allows the thread to voluntarily give up the remainder of its time-slice . The system makes the thread not schedulable for approximately the amount of time specified . That s right if you tell the system you want to sleep for 100 milliseconds, you will sleep approximately that long, but possibly several seconds or even minutes more . Remember that Windows is not a real-time operating system . Your thread will probably wake up at the right time, but whether it does depends on what else is going on in the system . You can call Sleep and pass the value in System.Threading.Timeout.Infinite (defined as -1) for the millisecondsTimeout parameter . This tells the system to never schedule the thread, and it is not a useful thing to do . It is much better to have the thread exit and then recover its stack and kernel object . You can pass 0 to Sleep . This tells the system that the calling thread relinquishes the remainder of its current timeslice, and it forces the system to schedule another thread . However, the system can reschedule the thread that just called Sleep . This will happen if there are no more schedulable threads at the same priority or higher .
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goto END_PROC;
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to involve purchasing a newer version of your software. A message like this appears when Windows regards the program you want to install as a threat to its own (that is, your system s) stability. No manner of compatibility tweak is going to get you past this defense. If an installation routine runs but fails for any reason to complete successfully (even if you simply cancel out of the setup process), you will see a Program Compatibility Assistant message, comparable to the one shown in Figure 4-2. If the Assistant is mistaken and you really have successfully installed your program, click This Program Installed Correctly. Otherwise, click Reinstall Using Recommended Settings. The Program Compatibility Assistant will then apply one or more compatibility tweaks (unfortunately, without telling you what it s doing) and try again to run your installer.
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Creating a Virtual Machine
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As with the += operator, even if you re using a programming language that doesn t directly support events, you can still unregister a delegate with the event by calling the remove accessor method explicitly. The remove method unregisters the delegate from the event by scanning the linked list for a delegate that wraps the same method as the callback passed in. If a match is found, the existing delegate is removed from the event s linked list of delegates. If a match isn t found, no error occurs and the linked list is unaltered. By the way, C# requires that your code use the += and = operators to add and remove delegates from the linked list. If you try to call the add or remove method explicitly, the C# compiler produces a "cannot explicitly call operator or accessor" error. 190
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Installing the Second Server
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The following query shows the final solution to the problem, including the position calculation: SELECT arrid, n - LEN(REPLACE(LEFT(array, n), ',', '')) + 1 AS pos, CAST(SUBSTRING(array, n, CHARINDEX(',', array + ',', n) - n) AS INT) AS element FROM dbo.Arrays JOIN dbo.Nums ON n <= LEN(array) AND SUBSTRING(',' + array, n, 1) = ',';
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Listing 31-32. Java example of an essentially unformatted (and unreadable) complicated expression.
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Figure 12-4 Security settings and keys for a wireless access point must match those for your wireless network adapter. The WPA Shared Key setting here works with the Security Key Or Passphrase setting in the Connect To A Network wizard that you use to configure an adapter.
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time, so you shouldn t place charts below the query results. Locate charts above or to the right of the query results, or on another worksheet.
numbers can also mean that you're debugging a module that doesn't have private symbols available. If you're looking at a bunch of instructions that I didn't cover in this chapter, you're probably looking at data. If the Visual Studio .NET disassembler can't disassemble an instruction, it displays " " as the opcode. If the instruction isn't valid, the disassembler will display "db" followed by a number. The "db" stands for data byte and isn't a valid instruction. It means the opcode(s) at that location don't match a valid instruction according to the Intel opcode maps. Registers and the Watch Window The Visual Studio .NET debugger Watch window knows how to decode all the registers to values. Therefore, you can put a register in the Watch window and cast it to the type you want to observe. For example, if you're looking at a string manipulation instruction, you can enter (char*)@EDI or (wchar_t*)@EDI in the Watch window to view the data in a format that's easier to read. Learn from ASM Files If you'd like to see more mixed assembly-language and source code, you can have Visual Studio .NET generate the assembly listings for your source files. In the project Property Pages dialog box\C/C++ folder\Output Files property page\Assembler Output field, select Assembly With Source Code (/FAs) to make the compiler generate an ASM file for each of your source code files. You might not want to generate the ASM files for every build, but they can be instructive, letting you see what the compiler is generating. The ASM files don't require you to fire up your application every time you're curious about assembly language. The files generated are nearly ready to compile with the Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM), so they can be a challenge to read. Much of the files consist of MASM directives, but the main parts of the files show your C code with the assembly-language code below each construct. After reading this chapter, you shouldn't have any trouble following the flow of ASM files.
Troubleshooting Network Protocol Security 11-71
Run the page again in a web browser. Choose an item from the list, and notice the time displayed. Immediately choose another item from the list, and notice that the page updates correctly. Quickly choose the previous item from the list again. Because of the change you made to the OutputCache declaration, ASP.NET caches a separate version of the page for each value of the DropDownList control that you choose, and each expires 20 seconds after it is generated. Examine the results generated by Trace.axd to verify that some page requests were returned from cached results.
are used on columns that uniquely identify each row of a table. If you set a primary key column to also be a serial column, PostgreSQL Server automatically fills that column with values when adding new rows (in other words, it generates new IDs),ensuring that the values are unique. Serial columns are defined using the serial data type. This data type is not a real data type but a notation that automatically defines a SEQUENCE structure over the integer data type. The following SQL code creates a table named department with a serial column that is also the primary key: CREATE TABLE department ( department_id SERIAL NOT NULL, name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, description VARCHAR(1000), CONSTRAINT pk_department_id PRIMARY KEY (department_id) ); This is in fact a shorter form of CREATE SEQUENCE department_department_id_seq; CREATE TABLE department ( department_id INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT nextval('department_department_id_seq'), name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, description VARCHAR(1000), CONSTRAINT pk_department PRIMARY KEY (department_id) ); When setting a serial column, the first value that PostgreSQL Server provides for that column is 1, but you can change this before adding data to your table with an SQL statement like the following: ALTER SEQUENCE department_department_id_seq RESTART WITH 123; This way, your PostgreSQL server will start generating values with 123. Now you understand that the default value shown in Figure 3-9 for department_id uses the sequence to generate new values for the column. For more details about the serial data type, see its official documentation at http://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/interactive/datatype.html#DATATYPE-SERIAL. The documentation for updating the sequence can be found at http://www.postgresql.org/ docs/current/interactive/sql-altersequence.html.
Although you could read the MAC address off the network device (there s a sticker somewhere on the device with the address), that s hardly easy in most cases. So, how to easily get the MAC address The two ways we know are using the getmac command (available only on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008) and the ipconfig command. To obtain the MAC address using the ipconfig command, go to the client com-
33. Personal Character
To enable this option, open Windows Media Player and click Library, Media Sharing. By default, Windows Media Player detects libraries that others on your network are sharing; your libraries remain private unless you specifically choose to make them available to others. To share your library, select the Share My Media To check box in the Media Sharing dialog box, select a computer or device by name, and click Allow. A green check mark indicates that the device now has access to your library.
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