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After Mark nished his presentation, the judge allowed a break, and the jurors left the courtroom. Now it was the defense team s turn to present its opening statement. They got their PowerPoint presentation ready on their own laptop computer, and they rolled back the podium to where it had been before Mark moved it, in front of the jury box. When the jurors returned, the defense lawyer walked up to the podium, looked down at his printed notes, and began to read his opening statement to the jurors. In the crucial rst few minutes of the presentation, when it is essential to make an audience feel like the presentation is all about them, the lawyer recited the details about the admirable history of the company. Instead of making the presentation human by telling an anecdote about a real person, he cited dry data about the millions of people the company aims to reach with its various drugs. As he read the prepared script in formal and impersonal language, someone else on his team advanced the PowerPoint slides forward on the computer, sometimes missing a cue and leaving a disconnect between what the lawyer said and what the jurors saw. The lawyer occasionally turned back at the screen behind him to point at a complicated chart or a long passage of text. Rather than display a dynamic and engaging visual experience, the lawyer next showed a slide with a formal photograph of the company s former CEO in a coat and tie as he talked about the CEO and his family, his biography, his public service, and his civic involvement. Missing the chance to connect with the everyday people in the jury with color and character, the defense lawyer continued on with slides that showed formal photographs of other corporate executives, their Ivy League educations, detailed biographies, and long lists of accomplishments. Missing the point that less is more, later the lawyer displayed the familiar bullet points, charts, and long passages of text that the jurors strained to read. The defense lawyer s relationship with the jurors never warmed up with the chilly and formal tone of the prepared talk. The podium that was now in front of the jurors had erected a wall between the presenter and his audience, the prepared script took away the lawyer s natural voice and spontaneity, and the PowerPoint slides on the screen became a 10-foot distraction from the lawyer who was speaking. At the end of the defense s presentation, everyone stood as the jurors left the courtroom, and then the court adjourned for the day. If what lawyers believe is true, the presentation the jurors had just experienced would play a signi cant role in the verdict they would
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Starting with version 1.0, ASP.NET has been characterized by a well-balanced mix of low-level and feature-rich tools. Using low-level tools such as events, HTTP modules, and HTTP handlers, you can plug into the ASP.NET pipeline to influence the processing of requests at every stage. But programming ASP.NET is not only for brave-hearted programmers who can orient themselves in the intricate forest of properties, methods, and cryptic configuration settings. Overall, ASP.NET is a high-level programming tool with a wealth of feature-rich components for those who don t need control over every little step. The quantity and quality of application services has grown significantly in ASP.NET 2.0, which was designed with the goal of making things happen with the least amount of code. In 5 through 7, we examined how the data binding mechanism was extended to make codeless, data-driven applications possible. In 1, you saw glimpses of rich new controls (such as the Wizard control) that provide building blocks for feature-rich Web applications. These off-the-shelf controls bring you application services such as dynamic image generation, site navigation, and counters. These components are exposed to applications as controls, but they are more than just plain user interface controls. They are feature-rich services that the runtime makes available to Web pages. In this chapter, we ll look in more depth at a few of the components that were introduced in 1 wizards, image generators, and (last but not least) site navigation functions and counters.
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The frequent multiple use of tachometer charts in management cockpits (the name says it all!) is also closely linked with such critical assessments . Creating circular objects with pointers in Excel is rather easy if for example you use two partly transparent pie or doughnut charts that are on top of each other . It gets more complex and highly elaborate if you use the mathematic functions =COS(number), =SIN(number), and, if necessary, =RADIANS(angle), for designing the scale and pointers . However, I ask you to forgive me for not describing these two variants within this book . From my point of view, the effort would outweigh the result . Within the scope of this book, result means that a target group gets information that is as reliable as possible, quickly interpretable, plain, and nicely designed . Naturally, almost all of us can interpret the displays of circular gauges because we re used to them in everyday life . But if you re not trained as a professional pilot, you ll find it difficult to understand the optical and factual context of more than two of these instruments (as can be easily proven in tests) . This is true especially if multiple interpretations are required for each individual project . For example, you can see a scale from x to y (what does it mean ), an associated pointer (is it good or bad or average, and to which extent ), two markers of a defined bandwidth (how do the pointers relate and what does the relationship mean ) . On top of it all, there s then a benchmark symbol that must also be interpreted in its relation to the pointer, bandwidth, and main scale . In addition, everything is arranged in circles or semi-circles which even if it looks cool and sophisticated requires more concentration than interpreting the same information in plainly designed horizontal or vertical scales . The information-processing capacity of the human brain is restricted, and it is an absurd myth that we are capable of multitasking like a modern PC processor . Nevertheless, this is exactly what is expected of the modern homo mustbeonline . But what happens if someone requests an exciting multipartite executive dashboard in Porsche style Well, the new Excel is equipped with excellent graphics options and provides absolutely everything . And if this dashboard is supplemented by a dash of diligence that would be . . . . Select table data; create chart; format a little bit; done That alone is usually not the solution for this type of chart, which is supposed to be created easily; at least not if you want to obtain convincing results . In the file 0810_Pies.xlsx, I will detail what needs to be considered to achieve this goal and provide some tricks . First, I ll point out that most information provided in this section for setting up a pie chart is only valid for static variants, but not for dynamic charts . This is due to the potential sensitivity of pie charts . Reading other data can change the overall impression considerably, even if this is not justified by the new value constellation . Even worse, it can move or change individual elements of the chart unfavorably beyond recognition . It is therefore necessary to check for every data update whether the formatting is correct .
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The INTERSECT DISTINCT set operation returns only distinct rows that appear in both inputs. For example, the following query returns cities that appear in both Employees and Customers:
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Problem During the MySQL installation, I get a connection error (see Figure 3-33). How do I get around this
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As you can see, the programming interface of the XmlValidatingReader class does not explicitly provide a single method that can validate the entire contents of a document. The validating reader works incrementally, node by node, as the underlying reader does. Each validation error found along the way results in a particular event notification being returned to the caller application. The application is then responsible for defining an ad hoc event handler and behaving as needed. 64
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DNS Query Steps
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Setting Formatting Options
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This technique to calculate row numbers, though fairly simple, is extremely slow. To understand why, examine the execution plan shown in Figure 4-6 created for the query.
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