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The XML Schema for Configuration Settings As mentioned, configuration files are standard XML files that follow a particular schema. This schema defines all possible configuration settings for machine, security, and application configuration files. The .NET Framework provides you with ad hoc classes to read configuration settings, but no writing can be performed. You need to be familiar with XML readers and writers if you want to directly edit the configuration files. (In light of this, bear in mind that XML elements and attribute names are case-sensitive.) All the configuration files are rooted in the <configuration> element. Table 15-1 lists the first-level children of the <configuration> element. Each node has a specified number of child elements that provide a full description of the setting. For example, the <system.web> element optionally contains the <authorization> tag, in which you can store information about the users who can safely access the URL resources. Table 15-1: Children of the <configuration> Element Element Description <appSettings> Contains custom application settings in the specified XML format. Describes the configuration sections <configSections> for custom settings. If this element is in a configuration file, it must be the first child of the <configuration> root. <mscorlib>\<cryptographySettings> Cryptography schema; describes the elements that map friendly algorithm names to classes that implement cryptography algorithms. <runtime> Run-time settings schema; describes the elements that configure assembly binding and run-time behavior. Startup settings schema; contains the elements that specify which version of the common language runtime (CLR) must be used. Describes the elements that specify trace switches and listeners that collect, store, and route messages. Network schema; specifies elements to indicate how the .NET Framework connects to the Internet, including the default proxy, authentication modules, and connection parameters. Settings schema; configures the client and server applications that implement remoting. Microsoft ASP.NET configuration section schema; contains the elements that control how ASP.NET Web applications behave. 505
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Figure 3-22. Buttons placed in the DockPanel Without LastChildFill 5. The order in which you place the controls in the DockPanel determines how they are docked with the other controls. For example, notice that button labeled Bottom Button is docked around the left and right button, because they were added earlier in the DockPanel. However, if we add another button to the first button in the DockPanel and dock it to the top it will occupy the entire width of the control.
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As you already know, the return clause of the FLWOR expression can be used to shape the XML value returned . For example, the following query retrieves the <Creator> element, returning it as an attribute called creatorname of an element called <Person>:
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Consider the following when configuring the routing infrastructure for remote access VPN connections:
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Change Data Capture implementation
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Using Reliability Monitor CHAPTER 26 637
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The Keyword IF in Control-of-Flow Statements
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Figure 29-3 The list of permissions shown here helps you identify which permissions are inherited from parent folders.
Appendix B
Part II Designing Types
Getting a List of all threads
This generates the following output, shown here in abbreviated form:
Execute the operation.
Listing 4 10. Handling the completion of the network transaction void WorkerThread::handleNetFinished(QNetworkReply* reply) { // Start parser by starting. if (reply->error() == QNetworkReply::NoError) { if (!this->isRunning()) { mReply = reply; start(); } } else { emit error(tr("A network error occurred")); qDebug() << QString("net error %1").arg(reply->error()); } }
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Because of the registry s size, looking for a particular key, value, or data item can be daunting. In Registry Editor, the Find command (on the Edit menu; also available by pressing Ctrl+F) works in the forward direction only and does not wrap around when it gets to the end of the registry. If you re not sure where the item you need is located, select the highest level in the left pane (Computer, if you re searching your own registry) before issuing the command. If you have an approximate idea where the item you want is located, you can save time by starting at a node closer to (but still above) the target.
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