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TestNG generated a set of HTML pages showing the result of a test run as well as an XML file which can be used to generate other types of output. By default the HTML report is generated in a folder named test-output in the current directory. (In the next section you can see how to use Ant to create the reports in a custom directory.) Figure 8-7 shows the home page (index.html) for a typical TestNG test run.
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Variant 2 (Advanced Model)
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Details about artists and albums are provided by All Media Guide (AMG) (http://www.allmediaguide.com). Windows Media Player uses this information to automatically tag and name tracks you rip to your collection from CD, a topic we discuss in more detail later in this chapter; see Organizing a Music Collection. )
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9 Entity Customization: Relationships
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Correct Answers: B A. Incorrect: This solution flushes the DNS cache on the client. You want to inspect it. B. Correct: This solution displays the DNS cache on the client. C. Incorrect: The DNS console can be used to manage the cache on a DNS server. You cannot inspect client caches from the console. D. Incorrect: This solution registers the client in DNS (assuming that DNS is set up to allow this to happen). It does not display the client s DNS cache.
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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Understanding DHCP Server Log File Format . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-22
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\\zeno\WebSymbols\shlwapi.pdb\3D6DE26F2\shlwapi.pdb 71950000 71a34000 Controls60100-comctl32.pdb\3D6DD9A81\ MicrosoftWindowsCommon-Controls325 COMCTL32 (pdb symbols) \\zeno\WebSymbols\MicrosoftWindowsCommon-
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Semi Joins
How It Works: Adding Customer Orders to HatShop
VPN server on the Internet reachable, the following static route is created:
A. <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="<%$ Resources:,
{ BinaryFormatter bf = new BinaryFormatter(); StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(sourceFile); GhostDataTable ghost = (GhostDataTable) bf.Deserialize(sr.BaseStream); sr.Close(); // Rebuild the DataTable object DataTable dt = new DataTable(); // Add columns for(int i=0; i<ghost.colNames.Count; i++) { DataColumn col DataColumn(ghost.colNames[i].ToString(), dt.Columns.Add(col); } // Add rows for(int i=0; i<ghost.dataRows.Count; i++) { DataRow row = dt.NewRow(); row.ItemArray = (object[]) ghost.dataRows[i]; dt.Rows.Add(row); } dt.AcceptChanges(); return dt; } The information stored in the ghost arrays is used to add columns and rows to a newly created DataTable object. Figure 9-9 demonstrates the perfect equivalence of the objects obtained by deserializing a DataTable and a ghost class. Caution The ghost class used in the preceding sample code serializes the minimal amount of information necessary to rebuild the DataTable object. You should add new properties to track other DataColumn or DataRow properties that are significant in your own application. Note that you can't simply serialize the DataColumn and DataRow objects as a whole because none of them is marked as serializable. = new
The reality is, as ever, more complicated than the theory . Step A: You may need to look for the data in several source systems . Possible reasons for this include the following:
Using Windows Help And Support
book, but modest changes in the implementation of a specific data type can also benefit performance. Here are a few ways to tune your data types.
Spatial data describes the physical locations and extents of objects in the world . These representations may be points, lines, or regions . The use of such features is not limited to geospatial and mapping applications, but maps provide a convenient medium to illustrate them, as shown in Figure 14-1 .
INSERT INTO dbo.CustomersDim(custid, companyname) OUTPUT inserted.custid, inserted.keycol INTO @NewCusts -- OUTPUT inserted.custid, inserted.keycol SELECT custid, companyname FROM InsideTSQL2008.Sales.Customers WHERE country = N'UK'; SELECT custid, keycol FROM @NewCusts;
You should always call ReferenceEquals if you want to check for identity (if two references point to the same object) . You shouldn t use the C# == operator (unless you cast both
Figure 5-4 Two options for creating object stacks
Note that if your JavaScript file is embedded in an assembly, you can add the Assembly attribute to the ScriptReference tag and point to the DLL file. This is useful when you do not have full source code files or are working with precompiled objects.
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