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Answers to these questions and explanations of why each answer choice is correct or incorrect are located in the Answers section at the end of the book.
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Analyzing Traffic Using Network Monitor
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Table 11-7. Other Node Properties Available Through XmlTextReader
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object's tables. The data written out faithfully tracks any pending updates and deletions that have occurred in the meantime. As Figure 10-1 shows, the similarity between the first block of a DiffGram and the XML normal form is not just cosmetic, nor it is due to a mere chance.
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Instances of FileStream can also be created indirectly via the File and FileInfo classes. Both classes provide the same range of methods for this task, the difference being that the path name for the file must be passed into the static File methods. These classes can also be used to create instances of System.IO.StreamReader, which is covered in the "Readers and Writers" section later in this chapter. Table 10-6 lists the methods available in the File and FileInfo classes.
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By now, it should be obvious to you that the CLR is all about types. Types expose functionality to your applications and components. Types are the mechanism by which code written in one programming language can talk to code written in a different programming language. Because types are at the root of the CLR, Microsoft created a formal specification the Common Type System (CTS) that describes how types are defined and how they behave. The CTS specification states that a type can contain zero or more members. In Part III, I ll cover all these members in great detail. For now, I just want to give you a brief introduction to them:
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In the two calls to WriteLine above, the variable v, an Int32 unboxed value type, is passed by value. Now, it may be that WriteLine will box this Int32 internally, but you have no control over that. The important thing is that you ve done the best you could and have eliminated the boxing from your own code.
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designers give you the desired formatting options.
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XORs some of the type s instance fields together . This is a na ve implementation that might be good for some value types, but I still recommend that you implement GetHashCode yourself because you ll know exactly what it does, and your implementation will be faster than ValueType s implementation . Important If you re implementing your own hash table collection for some reason, or you re
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// Point is derived from System.Object and implements IComparable<T> for Point. public sealed class Point : IComparable<Point> { private Int32 m_x, m_y; public Point(Int32 x, Int32 y) { m_x = x; m_y = y; } // This method implements IComparable<T>.CompareTo() for Point public Int32 CompareTo(Point other) { return Math.Sign(Math.Sqrt(m_x * m_x + m_y * m_y) - Math.Sqrt(other.m_x * other.m_x + other.m_y * other.m_y)); } public override String ToString() { return String.Format("({0}, {1})", m_x, m_y); } }
includeDocumentHeader="true" includeDocumentFooter="true" addLineAnchors="true" lineAnchorPrefix="fff" /> </sequential> </macrodef> Figure 3-8 shows an example of an HTML page generated by Java2Html.
Microsoft continually adds new updates and utilities to help you increase security on your computer systems. Be sure to check www.microsoft.com/update and Windows Marketplace (windowsmarketplace.com) regularly for new and enhanced utilities to help protect your system.
With this set of IP packet filters, the VPN server discards all traffic sent across the VPN connection except traffic that either originated from or is sent to authenticated remote access VPN clients.
As I mentioned earlier, an attribute is an instance of a class . The class must have a public constructor so that instances of it can be created . So when you apply an attribute to a target, the syntax is similar to that for calling one of the class s instance constructors . In addition, a language might permit some special syntax to allow you to set any public fields or properties associated with the attribute class . Let s look at an example . Recall the application of the DllImport attribute as it was applied to the GetVersionEx method earlier:
Handling Events and Managing State
Page 247 CHAPTER 12 Customizing Producer Templates Up to this point, the templates that have been discussed have been default presentation templates that are installed with Microsoft Producer. You may decide to take another step in creating presentations by creating your own Producer templates. By customizing templates, you can enhance your presentations by adding your company s branding or some personal touch. You can take the idea of customizing your Producer presentations a step further by creating and incorporating your own PowerPoint templates as well. When you combine custom PowerPoint templates with custom Producer templates, you can create a really unique look for your presentations. The goal of this chapter is to help you create new Producer templates. In doing so, you will be able to create dynamic presentations that are customized for your company or organization and are based on your company s needs. Template Basics Microsoft Producer presentation templates are Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) files. Using CSS allows you to write programming code that determines how your presentation displays when your audience watches it in Microsoft Internet Explorer. This chapter is in no way an attempt to describe everything about CSS. This chapter is provided solely to help you edit CSS properties and values as they relate to presentation templates for Producer. The goal is to help you understand how you can edit the CSS code in Producer templates to create your own customized Producer presentations. CSS Selectors and Properties A presentation template contains numerous CSS selectors, properties, and values for those properties. In Microsoft Producer, a selector begins with the # character or a period (depending on its type) and declares a specific property. You can change the values associated with these properties in the CSS template. Understanding how specific selectors relate to the appearance of your presentation template is very important. Figure 12.1 shows an image of a published presentation where the labels, which are associated with specific selectors, are shown to indicate what part or element of the presentation is determined by each selector.
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