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Customizing the Server
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The horizontal photographic layout works so well in Act I that you can apply a similar layout to the Call to Action and Key Point slides as well, except this time divide the slide into thirds horizontally and leave the headlines visible in this version. The Call to Action slide shown on the upper left in Figure 9-21 features a photo of customers, except now there are three new oil well graphics to illustrate the headline Tap into three undiscovered wells of revenue by reaching your customers in new ways. (The headline was shorted to t the 2-line limit of the slides.) The rst Key Point slide (upper right) features a single oil well with a photograph of cars on a highway to illustrate the rst well of revenue explained in the headline as Reach suburban commuters and increase share 22%. The second Key Point slide (lower left) features a second oil well with a photo of city traf c to illustrate the headline Reach city travelers and increase share another 15%, and the third Key Point slide (lower right) features a third oil well with a photo of an airplane to illustrate Reach frequent iers and increase share another 7%.
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Implementing a DNS Infrastructure
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New line mode - Causes return key to send CR & LF
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AppDir directory (contains the application s assembly files) App.exe App.exe.config (discussed below) AuxFiles subdirectory (contains JeffTypes assembly files) JeffTypes.dll FUT.netmodule RUT.netmodule
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Configuration cfg = Configuration.GetWebConfiguration( / ); HttpRuntimeSection sec = (HttpRuntimeSection) cfg.Sections["HttpRuntime"]; bool bEnableVer = sec.EnableVersionHeader; sec.EnableVersionHeader = !bEnableVer; cfg.Update();
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CancellationTokenSource has already been canceled, then the thread calling Register invokes the callback (possible via the calling thread s SynchronizationContext if true is passed for the useSynchronizationContext parameter) .
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FIGURE 11-3 The main Disk Management console, showing the new disks
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http://localhost/examples/SiteErrorPage.aspx aspxerrorpath=/examples/Default.aspx
Windows Server 2003 (SQL database)
In the introduction, I mentioned that cursors have the potential to yield better performance than set-based code when the problem is inherently order-based . In this section, I ll show some examples . Where relevant, I ll discuss query constructs that ANSI introduces to allow for cleaner code that performs well without the use of cursors . However, some of these ANSI constructs are not implemented in SQL Server 2008 .
The java.nio Package
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Stock Trader RI usage of user controls, custom controls, and data templates
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