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FigURE 5-4 The completed webpage containing all validation controls.
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You want to display a list of parts in a master-detail scenario so that users can select a part number from a list that takes a minimum amount of space on the webpage. When the part is selected, a DetailsView control displays all the information about the part and allows users to edit the part. Which web control is the best choice to display the part number list for this scenario
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Although I don t advocate counting code lines, classes, or methods as a measure of a project s success, static code analysis can help you pinpoint some areas of unnecessary complexity that can lead to the discovery of potential bugs or high-maintenance code. JavaNCSS is a simple source-measurement tool for Java that provides that following basic types of analysis: NCSS: Noncommenting source statements provide counts of many features of the code such as lines of code, declarations, methods, statements, constructors, and so on. CCN: Cyclomatic complexity number (McCabe metric). McCabe s cyclomatic complexity metric looks at a program s control flow graph as a measure of its complexity.
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/consoleloggerparameters (/clp) /noconsolelogger (/noconlog) / lelogger* (/ ) / leloggerparameters* (/ p)
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Preparing and Producing Professional Results
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If you upgraded from Windows XP, your collection includes a group of preset Auto Playlists, all of which are stored in the My Playlists folder . Windows Media Player seamlessly combines the contents of these two lists in the library . In fact, selecting Playlists from the Navigation pane shows all saved playlists from any folder in any monitored location .
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<caching> <outputCache defaultProvider="CacheWithFileBacking"> <providers> <add name="CacheWithFileBacking" type= "MyCacheLibrary, CacheWithFileBackingProvider"/> </providers> </outputCache> </caching>
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Don t .use .it .at .all . By disabling session state, your application performance will increase because the page doesn t need to load the session when starting, and neither does it need to store session state when it s going away . On the other hand, you won t be able to associate any data with a particular user between page invocations . Store .session .state . in .proc . This is how session state is handled by default . In this case, the session dictionaries (the Session objects) are managed in the same process as the page and handler code . The advantage of using session state in process is that it s very fast and convenient . However, it s not durable . For example, if you restart Internet Information Services (IIS) or somehow knock the server down, all session state is lost . In some cases, this might not be a big deal . However, if the shopping cart contains sizable orders, losing that might be a big deal . In addition, the in-process session manager is confined to a single computer, meaning you can t use it in a Web farm . (A Web farm is a group of servers tied together to serve Web pages as a single application .) Store .session .state .in .a .state .server . This option tells the ASP .NET runtime to direct all session management activities to a separate Windows Service process running on a particular computer . With this option, you have the advantage of running your server in a Web farm . The ASP .NET session state facilities support Web farms explicitly . To run in a Web farm, you direct all your applications to go to the same place to retrieve session information . The downside of this approach is that it does impede performance somewhat applications need to make a network round-trip to the state server when loading or saving session information . To reduce the overall size of the stored information, when storing session data in the state server, with ASP .NET 4 you now have the option of using compression to reduce the amount of data being transferred . Just include the compressionEnabled=true setting in the sessionState section of web .config . Store .session .state .in .a .database . Configuring your application to use a SQL Server database for state management causes ASP .NET to store session information in a SQL Server database somewhere on your network . Use this option when you want to run your server from in a Web farm when you want session state to be durable and safe . As with the state server approach, when storing session data in the SQL Server database, you have the option of using compression to reduce the amount of data being transferred . Again just include the compressionEnabled=true setting in the sessionState section of web .config .
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What s New in Windows Vista
it's worth a shot, the profiling API currently doesn't support it, so you can't use it. I still think the limitations of slower code are worth it because of the benefits. The second issue you'll run into is undocumented and completely confused me when I first encountered it. The ICorProfilerCallback::ExceptionThrown method is passed an object ID that describes the class being thrown. With my first implementation, which didn't use in-process debugging, I always got an ID I could pass to CBaseProfilerCallback::GetClassAndMethodFromFunctionId. Simply adding the COR_PRF_ENABLE_INPROC_DEBUGGING flag to ICorProfilerInfo::SetEventMask and not even using the actual in-process debugging API changes something internally so that an object ID of 0 is the only thing passed. Even though the in-process debugging API had the necessary methods to find the information, it was quite disconcerting to wonder what had happened to my object ID simply because I tripped a flag! To use the debugging interfaces, you first have to call the ICorProfilerInfo::BeginInprocDebugging method to start the process of acquiring the appropriate interface. As part of that call, you'll pass a DWORD pointer to a context cookie. You'll need to save that cookie so that you can pass it to the ICorProfilerInfo::EndInProcDebugging method you have to call to indicate you're stopping in-process debugging. The second step is to acquire the appropriate debugging interface. If you're interested only in the current thread, you call the ICorProfilerInfo::GetInprocInspectionIThisThread method to get the IUnknown interface, which you can query for the ICorDebugThread interface. If you want to do process-wide debugging, you call the ICorProfilerInfo::GetInprocInspectionInterface and query the return IUnknown for ICorDebug. Personally, I don't see why the two ICorProfilerInfo methods can't simply return the appropriate interfaces. Once you have the debugging interface, you're all set to access the debugging API to get the information you need from it. In my case, I wanted to get the last exception on the thread, so all I needed to do was call the ICorDebugThread::GetCurrentException method to get the ICorDebugValue interface, which describes the last exception thrown. The odd thing was that every time I called the ICorDebugThread::GetCurrentException method, it failed, so I was really starting to wonder if I was ever going to get ExceptionMon working! After a very careful read of the profiling and debugging API documents, I came across a statement saying that in order to have in-process debugging do any stack operations, you need to call ICorDebugThread::EnumerateChains. The debugging API uses the concept of stack chains to string together the managed and native stack traces, which add up to the complete stack trace. I couldn't see that calling ICorDebugThread::GetCurrentException would have anything to do with the stack, but I figured it was worth a try to call ICorDebugThread::EnumerateChains before I did anything else. Though not documented at least not clearly I figured out that to do anything with the debugging API, you need to call ICorDebugThread::EnumerateChains first or most methods will fail. Listing 10-2 shows the wrapper method I use inside ExceptionMon to get in-process debugging started. Listing 10-2: BeginInprocDebugging HRESULT CExceptionMon ::
After this lesson, you will be able to
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Composite application with multiple back-end systems
For this task, you should complete Practice 1 for the data source controls. Practice 2 should be completed for additional use of the data-bound web controls. If attempting Practice 2, you should complete Practice 1 first. Practice 3 provides experience with using the insert, update, and delete parts of a data source control.
12. Fundamental Data Types
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