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Integrated UPC-13 in visual C#.net For details on reviews, see 7 21, Collaborative 8 Construction.

protected void AddDVDsToListBox() { this.ListBoxProducts.Items.Add("DVDthis.ListBoxProducts.Items.Add("DVDthis.ListBoxProducts.Items.Add("DVDthis.ListBoxProducts.Items.Add("DVD}
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internal sealed class Singleton { // s_lock is required for thread safety and having this object assumes that creating // the singleton object is more expensive than creating a System.Object object and that // creating the singleton object may not be necessary at all. Otherwise, it is more // efficient and easier to just create the singleton object in a class constructor private static readonly Object s_lock = new Object(); // This field will refer to the one Singleton object private static Singleton s_value = null; // Private constructor prevents any code outside this class from creating an instance private Singleton() { // Code to initialize the one Singleton object goes here... } // Public, static method that returns the Singleton object (creating it if necessary) public static Singleton GetSingleton() { // If the Singleton was already created, just return it (this is fast) if (s_value != null) return s_value; Monitor.Enter(s_lock); // Not created, let 1 thread create it if (s_value == null) { // Still not created, create it Singleton temp = new Singleton(); // Save the reference in s_value (see discussion for details) Interlocked.Exchange(ref s_value, temp); } Monitor.Exit(s_lock); // Return a reference to the one Singleton object return s_value; } }
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Describe name resolution methods in Windows Server 2003 networks Compare and contrast NetBIOS names and DNS names Describe name resolution procedures for NetBIOS and DNS Use the Nbtstat command to view and flush the NetBIOS name cache Disable NetBIOS on a network
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<Path Stroke="Black"> <Path.Data> <PathGeometry> <PathFigure StartPoint="100,100"> <PolyBezierSegment> <PolyBezierSegment.Points> <Point X="50" Y="50" /> <Point X="150" Y="150" /> <Point X="250" Y="250" /> <Point X="100" Y="200" /> <Point X="200" Y="100" /> <Point X="300" Y="300" /> </PolyBezierSegment.Points> </PolyBezierSegment> </PathFigure> </PathGeometry> </Path.Data> </Path>
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The way the prior example works is that the web server provided by the web host recognizes requests for CGI files and executes them. The first line tells the web server to run the file as a Ruby script. You then load the cgi library and use it to print out the header to return to the web server, before you send some HTML of your own creation. You can also use the cgi library in a more direct way by feeding in a string of the data you want to return to the web browser and then letting the cgi library handle the output of the headers and any other data relevant to the request. Here s an example: #!/usr/bin/ruby require 'cgi' cgi = CGI.new cgi.out do "<html><body>This is a test</body></html>" end A major benefit of using cgi.out to return data to a visiting web browser is that out handles the output of headers without you having to remember to do it. You ll use this technique more in the Cookies section, where out will also automatically send other forms of data back through the request.
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for most users and you should consider changing the default permissions for CompanyWeb Members to Contribute instead of Design.
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Sample of Visual Basic Code <script runat="server"> < System.Web.Services.WebMethod()> _ Public Function GetEmployee(ByVal employeeId As String) As String 'simulate employee name lookup Return "Jane Developer" End Function </script> Sample of C# Code <script runat="server"> [System.Web.Services.WebMethod] public static string GetEmployee(string employeeId) { //simulate employee lookup return "Jane Developer"; } </script>
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You have no choice but to use the Internet Connection Wizard to set up a new mail account initially . However, if you re a sophisticated mail user, you should visit the properties dialog box for each mail account after completing the initial setup . Several options there are potentially useful: Mail Account (General tab) Use this option to change the name displayed in the Accounts dialog box . By default, the account name is the same as the mail server for SMTP/POP3 accounts . You might want to change it if you ve created several versions of the same account with different properties for different uses . Reply Address (General tab) Enter an e-mail address here if you want to specify a return address other than the address from which you sent the original message . The address you enter will appear in the To line when your recipient uses the Reply option in his or her e-mail client . Use this option, for instance, of you send messages from a Windows Live Mail account while traveling because your regular SMTP server is unavailable but you want replies to be sent to the POP3 account you normally use for personal e-mail . My Server Requires Authentication (Servers tab) Select this option if you are connecting an SMTP server that requires an extra authentication step as an antispam measure . Many servers require that you log on to the POP3 server first (using your user name and password) before being allowed to send messages . Leave A Copy Of Messages On Server (Advanced tab) This option comes in handy if you re checking your work e-mail from a computer at home (or vice versa) but you want to maintain a complete archive of messages on the other computer . You can check for new messages at home; when you return to the office, your mail program will download those messages into your inbox .
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Table 1-21. Virtual Table Returned from UNPIVOT's Third Step
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then in order to pass x to M, x would have to be boxed . For interface constraints, the C# compiler emits certain Intermediate Language (IL) instructions that result in calling the interface method on the value type directly without boxing it . Aside from using interface constraints, there is no other way to get the C# compiler to emit these IL instructions, and therefore, calling an interface method on a value type always causes boxing .
Now that we are on the subject of relational operators, note that the union, intersection, and difference (minus) operators are also implemented in SQL. You can use these three set operators to combine the results of multiple SELECT commands into a single result table, as illustrated in Figure 2-2. We will revisit these operators in 8.
require any special resources. Whereas MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle all run as permanent server applications, SQLite is on-demand and works entirely on your local machine. Despite this, it s still fast and reliable, and is ideal for local database purposes. You can easily carry much of the knowledge you learn with SQLite across to other systems. SQLite is also the default database engine used with Ruby on Rails apps, as you ll discover in 13. Nonetheless, toward the end of this chapter we ll look at how you can connect to databases using these other architectures, so that you can get direct access to any existing databases you might have from your Ruby applications.
Can only apply manual workflow to all records on a page (250 records max) Yes No No No
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Use break only after you have considered the alternatives. To paraphrase the nineteenth-century Danish philosopher S ren Kierkegaard, you don t know with certainty whether continue and break are virtuous or evil constructs. Some computer scientists argue that they are a legitimate technique in structured programming; some argue that they are not. Because you don t know in general whether continue and break are right or wrong, use them, but only with a fear
FIGURE 9-33 The Setting, Role, Point A, and Point B slides of The Pitch.
Language Interoperability section in the .NET Framework SDK documentation (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/730f1wy3.aspx) . Let me distill the CLS rules to something very simple . In the CLR, every member of a type is either a field (data) or a method (behavior) . This means that every programming language must be able to access fields and call methods . Certain fields and certain methods are used in special and common ways . To ease programming, languages typically offer additional abstractions to make coding these common programming patterns easier . For example, languages expose concepts such as enums, arrays, properties, indexers, delegates, events, constructors, finalizers, operator overloads, conversion operators, and so on . When a compiler comes across any of these things in your source code, it must translate these constructs into fields and methods so that the CLR and any other programming language can access the construct . Consider the following type definition, which contains a constructor, a finalizer, some overloaded operators, a property, an indexer, and an event . Note that the code shown is there just to make the code compile; it doesn t show the correct way to implement a type .
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