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Because a constant value never changes, constants are always considered to be part of the defining type . In other words, constants are always considered to be static members, not instance members . Defining a constant causes the creation of metadata . When code refers to a constant symbol, compilers look up the symbol in the metadata of the assembly that defines the constant, extract the constant s value, and embed the value in the emitted Intermediate Language (IL) code . Because a constant s value is embedded directly in code, constants don t require any memory to be allocated for them at runtime . In addition, you can t get the address of a constant and you can t pass a constant by reference . These constraints also mean that constants don t have a good cross-assembly versioning story, so you should use them only when you know that the value of a symbol will never change .
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FiguRe 14-28 Null matches representing unjoined data
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What s the advantage of using inherited permissions in this fashion Each time you create a subfolder, Windows automatically applies the proper permissions to it, using the inheritance settings you defined. Without these settings, you would be forced to define permissions from scratch for each new subfolder. That s a lot of needless work, with the potential for errors and inconsistencies. More important, if you decide to change the permissions later for instance, changing the Full Control permission for subfolders from the Everyone group to a more limited group of users you can make a single change and have the changes apply to all the child folders automatically.
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The C# where token tells the compiler that any type specified for T must implement the generic IComparable interface of the same type (T) . Because of this constraint, the compiler now allows the method to call the CompareTo method since this method is defined by the IComparable<T> interface . Now, when code references a generic type or method, the compiler is responsible for ensuring that a type argument that meets the constraints is specified . For example, the following code causes the compiler to issue the following message: "error CS0311: The type
So is moving to 64-bit all good and wonderful Or do special challenges need to be considered and dealt with to make the transition easier Not surprisingly, the transition to 64-bit is not without some special concerns, including drivers, hardware, and software considerations.
If you were to build and run this code in your program, you d see that the formatter s Serialize method throws a System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationException exception . The problem is that the developer of the Point type has not explicitly indicated that Point objects may be serialized . To solve this problem, the developer must apply the System.SerializableAttribute custom attribute to this type as follows . (Note that this attribute is defined in the System namespace, not the System.Runtime.Serialization namespace .)
EMPNO ENAME INIT JOB MGR BDATE MSAL COMM DEPTNO ----- -------- ----- -------- ----- ----------- ----- ----- -----7934 MILLER TJA ADMIN 7782 23-JAN-1962 1300 10 SQL> save testscript replace Wrote file testscript.sql SQL> clear buffer SQL> start testscript ... SQL> @testscript ... SQL> Listing 11-20. Appending Commands to SQL*Plus Scripts SQL> select * 2 from departments 3 where deptno = &dept_number; DEPTNO DNAME LOCATION MGR -------- ---------- -------- -------10 ACCOUNTING NEW YORK 7782 SQL> save testscript append
31.2 Layout Techniques
exit; } // If updating a product if ($this->mAction == 'update_prod') { $product_name = $_POST['name']; $product_description = $_POST['description']; $product_price = $_POST['price']; $product_discounted_price = $_POST['discounted_price']; if ($product_name == null) $this->mErrorMessage = 'Product name is empty'; if ($product_description == null) $this->mErrorMessage = 'Product description is empty'; if ($product_price == null || !is_numeric($product_price)) $this->mErrorMessage = 'Product price must be a number!'; if ($product_discounted_price == null || !is_numeric($product_discounted_price)) $this->mErrorMessage = 'Product discounted price must be a number!'; if ($this->mErrorMessage == null) Catalog::UpdateProduct($this->mActionedProductId, $product_name, $product_description, $product_price, $product_discounted_price); } $this->mAdminCategoriesLink .= '&DepartmentID=' . $this->mDepartmentId; $this->mAdminProductsTarget .= '&DepartmentID=' . $this->mDepartmentId . '&CategoryID=' . $this->mCategoryId; $this->mProducts = Catalog::GetCategoryProducts($this->mCategoryId); $this->mProductsCount = count($this->mProducts); } } > 5. Open business/catalog.php to add the following business tier methods needed for admin_categories and admin_products to the Catalog class: // Gets categories in a department public static function GetDepartmentCategories($departmentId) { // Build the SQL query $sql = 'SELECT * FROM catalog_get_department_categories(:department_id);'; // Build the parameters array
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