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The member is accessible only by other members in the same class type .
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Lesson 1: Analyzing DHCP Traffic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-3
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Lesson 1: Configuring Remote Access Connections
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VPN Type: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Destination Address: Protocols And Security: The Route IP Packets On This Interface check box is
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Practice tests You can reinforce your understanding of programming with ASP.NET 4 by using electronic practice tests that you customize to meet your needs from the pool of lesson review questions in this book, or you can practice for the 70-515 certification exam by using tests created from a pool of 200 realistic exam questions, which give you many practice exams to ensure that you are prepared. An ebook An electronic version (eBook) of this book is included for when you do not want to carry the printed book with you.
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AssemblyVersion This version number is stored in the AssemblyDef manifest metadata table . The CLR uses this version number when binding to strongly named assemblies (discussed in 3) . This number is extremely important and is used to uniquely identify an assembly . When starting to develop an assembly, you should set the major, minor, build, and revision numbers and shouldn t change them until you re ready to begin work on the next deployable version of your assembly . When you build an assembly, this version number of the referenced assembly is embedded in the AssemblyRef table s entry . This means that an assembly is tightly bound to a specific version of a referenced assembly .
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Microsoft ADO.NET is the .NET equivalent of the JDBC API and provides the programmer with consistent access to a variety of data sources. Most commonly, these will be SQL-based relational databases, but they can also be other tabular data sources, such as flat files and spreadsheets. ADO.NET consists of two major components:
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This chapter covers the heart of the ASP .NET Web Forms rendering model: controls . As you will see here, System.Web.UI.Page works by partitioning the rendering process into small components known as server-side controls . The entire tour of the ASP .NET control model includes the fundamental control architecture . This chapter starts by looking at the HTML required to render controls in the browser . Then, it examines the classic Active Server Pages (ASP) approach to displaying controls . Although you might never use classic ASP in your career, seeing it in this context can help you appreciate some of the problems ASP .NET has solved . This lays the groundwork for subsequent chapters that look at how controls can provide custom rendering, user controls, some of the standard user interface (UI) controls, and some of the modern, more complex controls . This chapter starts with the ASP .NET rendering model .
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When you have a lot of GPOs to sort through, select the check box that allows you to display only the latest versions of the backed-up GPOs. If you re unsure of which GPO to restore, highlight them one at a time and click View Settings.
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UPDATE dbo.T1 SET col2 = 'Version 1' WHERE keycol = 2;
Enabling and Disabling Add-ons
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