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Part V
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Objects: The Stuff You Want
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Account Address Business Unit Competitor
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we use the term planar throughout this chapter, these other terms are equivalent . Likewise, geographic systems are often referred to as geodetic .
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public static Object GetUninitializedObject(Type type);
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If we are concerned only with determining whether an input text contains an occurrence of the regular expression, we use the Regex.IsMatch method. This returns a bool indicating whether a match was found but does not give access to any further match details. For example:
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Networking services client VPN
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Using the Methods of the String Class
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Without the dynamic type, the value returned from excel.Cells[1, 1] is of type Object, which must be cast to the Range type before its Value property can be accessed . However, when producing a runtime callable wrapper assembly for a COM object, any use of VARIANT in the COM method is really converted to dynamic; this is called dynamification . Therefore, since excel.Cells[1, 1] is of type dynamic, you do not have to explicitly cast it to the Range type before its Value property can be accessed . Dynamification can greatly simplify code that interoperates with COM objects . Here is the simpler code:
challenge that sets the story in motion. In your story template, you will de ne this challenge with the Point A headline. This headline is called Point A because it de nes the speci c point where your audience begins the action of this story. Later you will de ne the speci c point where your audience wants to be in light of this challenge Point B. The Point A challenge that has brought everyone to the presentation today could be a crisis brought on by an external force that has changed your organization s environment, such as a sudden economic shift or the action of a competitor. It could be the result of an internal change, such as a revised opinion or mindset, a new piece of information, a new research report, or an anecdote from the eld.
Suppliers PK,FK1 PartnerId URL
custid ------12 54 64 20 59 50 76 61 67 34 31 88 81 21 15 ... country ---------Argentina Argentina Argentina Austria Austria Belgium Belgium Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil Brazil region ------NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL NULL RJ RJ RJ SP SP SP SP SP city --------------Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Graz Salzburg Bruxelles Charleroi Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Campinas Resende Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Sao Paulo CRC ------------------------Argentina..Buenos Aires Argentina..Buenos Aires Argentina..Buenos Aires Austria..Graz Austria..Salzburg Belgium..Bruxelles Belgium..Charleroi Brazil.RJ.Rio de Janeiro Brazil.RJ.Rio de Janeiro Brazil.RJ.Rio de Janeiro Brazil.SP.Campinas Brazil.SP.Resende Brazil.SP.Sao Paulo Brazil.SP.Sao Paulo Brazil.SP.Sao Paulo
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Services console showing service information.
Implementing NTFS Compression
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