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Lesson 2: Configuring Accessibility
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Case Scenario 1: Using the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions
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2. On the Users tab, clear the Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer check box and then click OK. Note that the Users Must Enter A User Name And Password To Use This Computer check box doesn t appear if your computer is a member of a domain. Only computers that aren t part of a network or are part of a workgroup can bypass the logon screen. Domain users must enter a user name and password, even to log on locally. The Automatically Log On dialog box appears.
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The AND Operator and Operator Precedence Issues
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The initially described effects (position of the Luxembourg slice and moving it from the chart) are implemented at the end, because the final impression of these partly minimal effects can only be evaluated in the overall view . For this purpose, you need to change the angle of the first slice and a moderate point explosion . In the context of Figure 8-32, you can see the measures used .
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=ROUND(112.25,1) results in 112.3 =ROUND(112.25,-1) results in 110
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The controls that ship with ASP.NET are meant to provide two basic AJAX features: partialpage updates and server-to-client progress updates. You work with these controls much as you do with other ASP.NET controls. You can drag them onto your page from the Toolbox, manipulate their properties, and code against them. Figure 9-1 shows a model of the AJAX Extensions controls in ASP.NET.
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ALTER PROC dbo.GetNextPage @anchor AS INT, -- key of last row in prev page @n AS INT = 10 AS SELECT TOP (@n) O.orderid, O.orderdate, O.custid, O.empid
Limits Logging to Wait-related functions Thread-related functions Critical-section functions Mutex functions Semaphore functions Event functions All hooked functions
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
Clicking Chat opens a chat pane that works much like an instant messaging program. Either party can send a file from their own computer to the other. The recipient must approve the transfer before it begins. Clicking Help displays a list of Remote Assistance topics in Help And Support.
3. Inherited deny ACEs 4. Inherited allow ACEs Various tools, such as ACL UI, will correctly put the ACEs in this order. They will also fix an out-of-order ACL when they open it. In addition, the icacls.exe command-line tool contains a /verify option that you can use to verify that ACLs are in the right canonical form. However, the operating system contains no automatic enforcement of this order, and it is disturbingly common for developers to create ACLs that have ACEs in the wrong order. This can cause access attempts that should be denied to be granted. You should also note that if explicitly defined allow ACEs grant a user access, those will take precedence over inherited deny ACEs. This has caused confusion among administrators in the past.
3. To export the data to Excel, click the Open button. 4. After Excel launches, you ll be prompted to open or save the query. Click Open to export the SharePoint list data to Excel.
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