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Table 17-3: Memory Block Identifiers 625
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B. Ensure that the BIND Secondaries check box on the primary server is selected.
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17. Unusual Control Structures
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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The first drop-down list should take its list contents from cell range M11:M114, which is assigned the name rL1.Venue01List . The list s output value (the number that appears when the user clicks on a list content) should point to cell M6, which is assigned the name rL1.Venue01Sel . Note the use of the figure 01 in the range names . In the same way, the first scroll bar should take its output value (the number that appears when the user uses a function element of this scroll bar) from cell M6, which has the name rL1.Venue01Sel . This creates a coupling between the two controls . The second drop-down list and the second scroll bar are to be linked the same way with the cell range with the relevant name in column N . The range names differ in a single, crucial respect: the use of the figure 02 .
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The formatting of this report is obviously not consistent with the formatting of the other reports within your organization. However, we wanted to show some of the benefits of using the Reporting Services toolset, including the ability to add logos and perform conditional formatting, among other things. Important You should be aware of two additional important considerations when creating
This is the base level of LINQ programming. With LINQ to Objects, you are not writing queries by using an intermediate LINQ provider (such as LINQ to SQL or LINQ to XML). Instead, LINQ to Objects is simply the term for querying directly against any collection that implements the IEnumerable or IEnumerable<T> interface. Possible collections of this kind include List<T>, Array, Dictionary<TKey, TValue>, or even a string array.
To write a new image generator, at a minimum you inherit ImageGenerator and override the RenderImage protected method. The RenderImage method receives a Graphics object that represents the logical surface where the image will be created. You reference the image using the ImageGeneratorUrl property and make it point to the ASIX handler:
3.2 Table Creation
ASP.NET 1.x supports the dynamic compilation of a few file types: ASP.NET pages (.aspx), Web services (.asmx), user controls (.ascx), HTTP handlers (.ashx), and global.asax. These files are automatically compiled on demand when first required by a Web application. The compiled copy is invalidated as soon as a change to the dependent source file is detected. This system enables programmers to quickly develop applications with a minimum of process overhead you just hit Save and go. In ASP.NET 2.0, the compile-on-demand feature is extended to various file types, typically class files (.vb and .cs), resource files (.resx), Web service discovery files (.wsdl), and typed DataSet schema files (.xsd). Once the ASP.NET runtime ensures that all changes to certain file types are promptly detected, there s no need for a development tool to force a compile step. The changes to the ASP.NET runtime make it possible to refine the whole code-behind mechanism. The ASP.NET 2.0 build system is also backward-compatible with the code-behind schema of older ASP.NET applications.
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