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A more important change applies to all formulas that react to the output values of controls . The reason for this was explained earlier . The numbering of the index in a ComboBox or ListBox starts at 0 (zero), rather than at 1 . Clicking the first entry in one of these controls generates a 0 rather than a 1 in the corresponding LinkedCell . In all formulas that refer to these
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To install WSUS 3.0 on a computer running Windows Server 2008, you must configure the following installation prerequisites:
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In addition to these methods, String offers many static and instance methods that manipulate a string, such as Insert, Remove, PadLeft, Replace, Split, Join, ToLower, ToUpper, Trim, Concat, Format, and so on. Again, the important thing to remember about all these methods is that they return new string objects; because strings are immutable, once they re created, they can t be modified in any way.
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Part I CLR Basics
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Overriding the HttpApplication to include your own state and event handling is a matter of adding a global application object to your site . If you ask Microsoft Visual Studio to create a normal Web site for you (that is, click File, New, Website, ASP .NET Web Site in Visual Studio), Visual Studio throws a singular global .asax file into your project . Global .asax includes a server-side script block to hold any code you want to add to the application object . If you ask Visual Studio to create an ASP .NET Web Application Project (that is, click File, New Project, ASP .NET Web Application in Visual Studio), Visual Studio adds a pair of files, Global .asax and Global .asax .cs, to your application . Global .asax and Global .asax .cs have the same relationship to each other as an ASPX file and its accompanying CS file have . In fact, you can use Visual Studio to add the global application object to your application if it wasn t precreated for you . When you add a Global .asax/Global .asax .cs file pair to your application, the application is set up and ready to handle a few application-wide events . Remember that the Page files include the Page directive at the top of the file . The Global .asax file includes a similar directive . The Application directive tells the runtime compiling machinery that this file is meant to serve as the application object . Unlike pages, there can be only one Global .asax file in your application . Listing 18-1 shows an example of the Global .asax .cs file deriving from HttpApplication that Visual Studio generates for you when you click File, New, Project, ASP .NET Web Application . The Global .asax .cs provided by Visual Studio handles the Application_Start, Application_End, Application_Error, Begin_Request, Authenticate_Request, Session_Start, and Session_End events .
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return a database to the state it was in at an exact point in time. To perform a roll-forward recovery, archival logging must be enabled and a full backup image of the database must be available, as well as access to all archived log les created since the last successful backup image. If a roll-forward recovery isn t possible, a version recovery will be performed. Version recovery is the process used to return a database to the state it was in at the time a particular backup image was made.
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4. You use the green handle to rotate the object continuously with the mouse . This is illustrated further in Figure 5-6 . You can use different options if you want to select several objects simultaneously:
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Note When discussing subjects that involve logic, I like to use small tables such as those
Figure 13-6. Enabling out of browser for your application When this is checked, right-clicking on a Silverlight application will include an additional menu item, as shown in Figure 13-7.
Note that no matter what the effective data source is, the data passed to the AdRotator must match the expected schema format the same XML schema of version 1.x:
items: [ {label: 'About', callback: function() { viewManager.show(1) }}, {label: 'Refresh', callback: function() { window.location.reload(); }} ] }); defaultTopItems[2] = { classname: 'nokia-template-header-icon-menu', callback: function() { floatingMenu.render().toggle(); } }; defaultTopItems[4] = { classname: 'nokia-template-header-title', label: feedName }; defaultTopItems[6] = { classname: 'nokia-template-header-icon-close', pressedStateClass: 'nokia-template-header-icon-hover', callback: function() { window.close(); } } topBar.setItems(defaultTopItems); this.getContainer().show(); } }
Figure 7-20. Multiple navigation frames
Foreground processing occurs when a Windows computer starts up, or when a user logs on. Foreground processing is important because certain Group Policy areas such as
// Info from Inserted command.CommandText = @"SELECT ' // New data: ' + REPLACE( SUBSTRING(CAST(a.InsertedContents AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) ,1,200), CHAR(39), CHAR(39)+CHAR(39)) AS InsertedContents200 FROM (SELECT * FROM Inserted FOR XML AUTO, TYPE) AS a(InsertedContents);"; msg = msg + (string)command.ExecuteScalar(); // Write the audit info to the event log EventLogEntryType entry = new EventLogEntryType(); entry = EventLogEntryType.SuccessAudit; EventLog ev = new EventLog(@"Application", ".", @"GenericDMLAudit Trigger"); ev.WriteEntry(msg, entry); // send the audit info to the user pipe.Send(msg); } break; case TriggerAction.Delete: // Retrieve the connection that the trigger is using using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(@"context connection=true")) { connection.Open(); // Collect all columns into an XML type, // cast it to nvarchar and select only a substring from it // Info from Deleted command = new SqlCommand( @"SELECT 'Old data: ' + REPLACE( SUBSTRING(CAST(a. DeletedContents AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) ,1,200), CHAR(39), CHAR(39)+CHAR(39)) AS DeletedContents200 FROM (SELECT * FROM Deleted FOR XML AUTO, TYPE) AS a(DeletedContents);", connection); // Store info collected to a string variable string msg; msg = (string)command.ExecuteScalar(); // Write the audit info to the event log EventLogEntryType entry = new EventLogEntryType(); entry = EventLogEntryType.SuccessAudit; EventLog ev = new EventLog(@"Application", ".", @"GenericDMLAudit Trigger"); ev.WriteEntry(msg, entry); // send the audit info to the user pipe.Send(msg); } break; default: // Just to be sure - this part should never fire pipe.Send(@"Nothing happened"); break; } }
C# private void NavigateToQuestionnaireList() { // Ask the UI service to go to the "questionnaire list" view. this.uiService.ShowView(ViewNames.QuestionnaireTemplatesList); }
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