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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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internal static class ConditionalWeakTableDemo { public static void Main() { Object o = new Object().GCWatch("My Object created at " + DateTime.Now); GC.Collect(); // We will not see the GC notification here GC.KeepAlive(o); // Make sure the object o refers to lives up to here o = null; // The object that o refers to can die now GC.Collect(); } } internal static class GCWatcher { // NOTE: Be careful with Strings due to interning and MarshalByRefObject proxy objects private readonly static ConditionalWeakTable<Object, NotifyWhenGCd<String>> s_cwt = new ConditionalWeakTable<Object, NotifyWhenGCd<String>>(); private sealed class NotifyWhenGCd<T> { private readonly T m_value; internal NotifyWhenGCd(T value) { m_value = value; } public override string ToString() { return m_value.ToString(); } ~NotifyWhenGCd() { Console.WriteLine("GC'd: " + m_value); } } public static T GCWatch<T>(this T @object, String tag) where T : class { s_cwt.Add(@object, new NotifyWhenGCd<String>(tag)); return @object; } } // We'll see the GC notification here
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The GROUP BY clause is logically processed before the SELECT clause, so at the GROUP BY phase, the orderyear alias has not yet been created. By using a derived table that contains only the SELECT and FROM elements of the original query, you can create aliases and make them available to the outer query in any element. There are two formats of aliasing the derived table s result columns. One is inline column aliasing:
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Performance Testing
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Abstract Class DES RC2 Rijndael TripleDES
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Exercise: Integrating the PayPal Shopping Cart and Custom Checkout
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Figure 12 4: Result of ParseCombiningCharacters Note To see the message box text in Figure 12 3 correctly, I had to open the Windows Display Properties dialog box and change the font used by message box text to Lucida Sans Unicode because this font contains glyphs for these combining characters. This is also why I don t have the code display the results to the console. In this example, I m calling StringInfo s static GetTextElementEnumerator method. I pass a String to this method and it returns a TextElementEnumerator object. I can now use this enumerator object as I would any other enumerator object. The TextElementEnumerator object also offers a read only ElementIndex property that returns the index of the code value in the original string where the character begins and a GetTextElement method that returns a string 215
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Do you want to match your IP packet filters to the demand-dial fil
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} THREADNAME_INFO ; void BUGSUTIL_DLLINTERFACE __stdcall BSUSetThreadNameA ( DWORD , LPCSTR szThreadName { THREADNAME_INFO stInfo ; stInfo.dwType stInfo.szName stInfo.dwThreadID stInfo.dwFlags __try { RaiseException ( 0x406D1388 0 sizeof ( THREADNAME_INFO ) / sizeof ( DWORD ) (DWORD*)&stInfo } __except ( EXCEPTION_CONTINUE_EXECUTION ) { } } , ) ; , , = 0x1000 ; = szThreadName ; = dwThreadID ; = 0 ; ) dwThreadID
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protected string StripNonAlphanumerics(string str) { string strStripped = (String)str.Clone(); if (str != null) { char[] rgc = strStripped.ToCharArray(); int i = 0; foreach (char c in rgc) { if (char.IsLetterOrDigit(c)) { i++; } else { strStripped = strStripped.Remove(i, 1); } } } return strStripped; }
Correct Answers: D A. Incorrect: You need to install SUS only if you are downloading updates to a server so that you can later install them to client machines from the server. This sit uation does not apply to this scenario. B. Incorrect: Automatic Updates can be configured so that a client PC can receive updates from a server on its network. In this scenario, however, you are attempt ing to update your PC from the Internet. Automatic Updates is installed by default on a client running Windows XP Professional. C. Incorrect: If this situation were the case, you could not have accessed the Win dows Update site. D. Correct: You should select Personalize Windows Update and select the Display The Link To The Windows Update Catalog Under See Also check box.
Configuring data synchronization Deleting records
This copies the file F:\Cartoons\Tom to the current folder, and then executes the Jerry command probably not what you wanted. You might think that because there is no space before or after the & symbol, the system will know that you are referring to the file name Tom&Jerry. Not true. When a command symbol appears on the command line, whatever follows it is assumed to be a command, space or no space. Use the caret as shown below to indicate that you are referring to a file name.
If you want to change the color of the selected category, you can do it quickly by right-clicking the item in list view or in the To-Do Bar. Whether the item is a task, appointment, message, or contact, simply right-click and choose Categorize; then choose the category you want to assign to the item (see Figure 10-9).
Counter Occurrence Value
The NotificationQueueName is the name of a queue to which the Role Instance Diagnostic Manager will send a notification that the transfer has completed. If you are not interested in receiving a notification, you can ignore this property.
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