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An access-based dependency occurs when a user at one trust level accesses a resource in a way that makes the user dependent on the security of that resource. Access-based dependencies result from the access itself, not from usage of a resource or computing construct. Many times they rely on one user or entity trusting another entity that has a security problem.
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transitions between the two AppDomains . This means that method calls across AppDomain boundaries are executed synchronously . However, at any given time, a thread is considered to be in just one AppDomain, and it executes code using that AppDomain s security and configuration settings . If you want to execute code in multiple AppDomains concurrently, you should create additional threads and have them execute whatever code you desire in whatever AppDomains you desire .
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Common Debugging Question: Has the 255-character debug limit problem been fixed YES! In versions of Visual Studio prior to Visual Studio .NET, the native debugging information was limited to a maximum of 255 characters. This wasn't a problem in the C days, but the advent of templates completely blew past 255 characters for even the simplest types. Visual Studio .NET can have arbitrary length debug symbols, so you should see complete expansion. This also means that the old C4786 informational message (debug information greater than 255 characters), which stopped compiles when treating warnings as errors, has finally been buried once and for all! We've been blessed! Remote Debugging Remote debugging of native applications works almost as seamlessly as remote debugging of managed applications. Simply install the remote debugging components as described in 6, ensure your account is set up as a member of the remote machine's Administrators group as well as the Debugger Users group, and you can connect and debug all you want through the new DCOM transport layer. This is the perfect way to attach and detach from those long-running server processes. In addition to the DCOM transport layer, Visual Studio .NET 2003 offers two remote debugging options: Pipes and TCP/IP. The TCP/IP option has been around since Visual C++ 6, but it's not as secure as Pipes. Where TCP/IP remote debugging allows anyone to connect to the machine, the new Pipes allows you to specify exactly which user(s) you'll allow to connect and debug. Pipe debugging is now the default, though it is slower than TCP/IP. Although not as convenient as DCOM, the Pipes and TCP/IP debugging can be a great tool for certain debugging challenges. One particularly nice new feature is that you can start processes with Pipes and TCP/IP debugging. Additionally, you can set up your Visual Studio .NET solutions to always start the process for remote debugging. This is especially helpful for heavy client-side applications such as DirectX games. A much-needed new feature is the ability to allow multiple connections to the remote machine so that you can debug multiple processes if necessary. Another fine feature is that if you're going to be doing only native debugging, you don't have to go through the complete Remote Components Setup to install just the Pipes and TCP/IP debugging. To get Pipes and TCP/IP debugging set up, you can copy the necessary binaries from a machine that has Visual Studio .NET installed to a directory on the remote machine. Table 7-5 lists the binaries and where you can find them on the Visual Studio .NET machine. Also keep in mind that the Visual C++ 6 version of MSVCMON.EXE cannot be used with Visual Studio .NET.
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<div> <h1> <asp:Label ID="LabelWelcome" runat="server" Text="Welcome" meta:resourcekey="LabelWelcomeResource1"></asp:Label> </h1> <br /> <asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownListLang" runat="server" AutoPostBack="true"> </asp:DropDownList> </div>
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teams with similar aspirations). It also offers many benefits in terms of creating testdriven code. The greater control of your output is also nice. However, developers need to understand it, review the tradeoffs, and migrate only if they see real advantages. It is tempting to jump to ASP.NET MVC because it is new and gets a lot of buzz. However, the web form model is tested and provides a much more Rapid Application Development (RAD) experience for most web developers. ASP.NET MVC typically involves a lot more code and requires a good understanding of patternbased development. My advice is to make sure you are comfortable with the model before making such a switch.
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method simply calls Dispose . Some classes that offer the dispose pattern also offer a Close method for convenience; but the dispose pattern doesn t require this method . For example, the System.IO.FileStream class offers the dispose pattern, and this class also offers a Close method . Programmers find it more natural to close a file rather than dispose of a file . However, the System.Threading.Timer class doesn t offer a Close method even though it adheres to the dispose pattern .
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Files ZipFileName Flatten WorkingDirectory ZipLevel
Methods of the XmlNode Class Table 5-5 lists the methods exposed by the XmlNode class.
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n Note In Ruby 1.9, FasterCSV is the standard CSV library, as used when you do require
Exam Tip If you want to continue to use Windows NT 4 RAS on your Active Directory network, you must select the option Permissions Compatible With Pre-Windows 2000 Operating Systems. Otherwise, domain users connecting through RAS cannot be authenticated. To adjust this setting after running the Active Directory Installation Wizard, add the Everyone group to the Pre-Windows 2000 Compatible Access domain local security group. (This adjust ment allows the Everyone group read access on all users and groups in the domain.) For the exam, know that to perform this step at a command prompt, you must type the command net localgroup pre-windows 2000 compatible access everyone /add.
Figure 3-4: When you try to use a DTD to validate an XML document with schema information, the validating parser returns a warning. In general, if you decide that schema warnings are not serious enough to break the ongoing validation process, you can skip them with the following code: private void MyHandler(object sender, ValidationEventArgs e) { if (e.Severity == XmlSeverityType.Error) { // Handle the schema exception } } Usage and Trade-Offs for DTDs Unquestionably, the DTD validation format is an old one, albeit largely supported by virtually all available parsers. But if you are designing the validation layer for an XMLdriven data exchange infrastructure today, there is no reason for you to discard XSDs. 80
Modifying ActiveX Controls
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