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Query categoryByName = session.createQuery("from Category c where c.name like :name"); categoryByName.setString("name", categoryNamePattern); Iterator categories = categoryByName.iterate();
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Settings in Visual Basic 2008
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The FontFactory class has a series of static getFont() methods that allow you to get a Font object without explicitly creating a BaseFont instance:
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The first attribute, TargetControlType, restricts the use of the extender to a particular type of web control. We introduced this attribute in chapter 9, when we discussed the base framework for creating extenders. Here, you want to extend ASP.NET TextBox controls. Therefore, you change the attribute as follows:
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Accessing the return value
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14.5.3 Swapping SQL queries for JPQL
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Repeating headers and footers
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This strategy is not normalized, as it has redundant columns in each of its tables for each of the base class s properties. Also, to support this type of mapping, the persistence manager has to do some funky things. One way it could be implemented is for the container to use multiple queries when loading an entity or polymorphic relationship. This is a huge performance hit because the container has to do multiple round-trips to the database. Another way a container could implement this strategy is to use SQL UNIONs. This still would not be as fast as the SINGLE_TABLE strategy, but it would perform much better than a multiselect implementation. The downside to an SQL UNION is that not all relational databases support this SQL feature. It is probably not wise to pick this strategy when developing your entity beans, unless you have good reason (e.g., an existing legacy schema).
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' ----- Add a new payment. scanPayment = New PaymentItem scanPayment.PatronCopyID = ActivePatronCopyID scanPayment.ItemTitle = RecordItem.Text scanPayment.FeesPaid = paidAmount scanPayment.BalanceDue = fineAmount - paidAmount PaymentsOnly.Add(scanPayment)
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Defining look and feel using CSS
public void disconnect() throws JMSException { connection.close(); } }
Now we ll turn to the actual code that initializes those variables. Listing 8.9 sets up the web service and returns the top-level node of our bit of the scene graph.
Whenever an ASP.NET web page is requested, a class is created on the web server to handle that request. It s this class that we refer to as the Page class. When the page has finished handling the request, it is destroyed and ceases to exist at least until that page is requested again. Between the time the page is created and destroyed, it goes through a sequence of events that are known as The Page Lifecycle. The Page Lifecycle is the event model that dictates when things occur such as when controls are initialized or when postback events take place. Before we start writing code to work with the WebPartManager, it s important to take the time to see when its events occur and map them to the lifecycle of the page so that we have a full picture of what to expect, and when. Table 4.2 displays the events that occur on the Page class and overlays those events with events occurring at portal framework level.
>%MIDPTools%\preverify -classpath %MIDPClasses%;. ObtainQuoteMIDlet >%MIDPTools%\preverify -classpath %MIDPClasses%;. RetrieveQuoteMIDlet
11.1.2 A JDBC DAO implementation
openRecordStore("name", false)
Listing 13.11 Example output from listing 13.9 if it were printed
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