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public static List findByUsername(Session session, String username) throws SQLException, HibernateException { List finds = session.find("from User as user where user.username= ", username, Hibernate.STRING); return finds; }
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5: Branching
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C# 3.0 Feature Properties and Accessors
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package banking; public interface Account { public int getAccountNumber(); public void credit(float amount); public void debit(float amount) throws InsufficientBalanceException; public float getBalance(); public Customer getCustomer(); }
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The enhanced Ajax web portal
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One of the key principles of object-oriented programming is encapsulation the separation of an implementation and its public interface. The DAO pattern is one more tool that allows you to do that in your applications. Before we go too far into the DAO pattern, let s look at figure 10.1, to see what one looks like. If you are thinking that figure 10.1 looks more like JDBC than a DAO, then you are only half right. It is JDBC, but the JDBC API in Java is a good example of the DAO pattern in action.
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public static IEnumerable<TSource> Where<TSource>( this IEnumerable<TSource> source, Func<TSource, bool> predicate)
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Example C-7. The markup for Exercise 2-4
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Our DayTime Server application has a basic function: the application listens on a TCP port for incoming socket connections. When a connection is made, the application writes a short textual string representation of the date and time via the socket, closes the socket, and returns to listening for a new connection.
S3 = "Goodbye";
Instead, we decided to write four very specific and simple JSPs, one for each permutation of output formats and locales we need to service. See listings 5.4 through 5.7. Each JSP will obtain a handle to the XMLHelper JavaBean that we stored in the request object to render its output.
Web Service Clients
NUnit (www.nunit.com) is a legend in the unit testing world of .NET. It s one of the oldest automated testing frameworks for .NET and was originally a clone of the Java test library JUnit. NUnit has the responsibility of running unit tests and providing feedback about which tests pass and which ones fail. You ll see that NUnit is easy to use. The easiest way to install it is to download the zip file and extract the core of the testing framework from NUnit-Version\bin\net-2.0\framework into your tools directory. Next, you have to decide where to put the code you write for the unit test. There are two possible locations for your unit test code: together with the code you re about to test, or in another project. Both approaches have their plusses and minuses. Putting all the code together lets you test the private members, but creates a dependency on the unit testing framework. We prefer using separate library classes for the sake of cleanly separating test and production code. This way, you can easily drop the test DLLs while building the release on the CI server. For this example, you ll go this way. It s a good idea to use a pattern for the test projects names. We like to name them after the project they re testing and then add the suffix .Test. For the example, this yields the name CiDotNet.Calc.Test. Further, the test should correspond with the structure of the production code. The same folder structure and of course one test fixture per class is a good way to go. We encourage you to give this some thought; there s no one best pattern for the unit test infrastructure; something else may work better for you. But keep in mind that your test suite will eventually grow to hundreds or thousands of test cases. Now you need to create the actual unit test. Add a new class library project to your solution, and name it CiDotNet.Calc.Test. Add a reference to the CiDotNet.Calc project and then to the nunit.framework.dll. The Finance.cs class lies in the Math subdirectory of the production project, so create a FinanceTestFixture.cs file in the Math directory of the test project. Add the following code to this new class. Listing 6.2 A simple unit test for the rate calculation
Object identity and equality
Query q = session.createQuery( "from User as u where u.firstname = :fname" ); q.setString("fname", "John"); List result = q.list();
<copy todir="output"> <fileset dir="data"/> <mapper type="merge" to="data.dat"/> </copy>
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