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Creating advanced view controllers
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(i.e., MessageProducer and MessageConsumer objects). If you wish to produce and consume messages using multithreading, you must create a different Session object for each thread. The createSession() method has two parameters:
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<asp:CatalogZone ID="CatalogZone1" runat="server" Font-Names="Verdana" Padding="10" InstructionText="This is instruction Text" HeaderText="This is header text" BorderColor="lightgray" BorderWidth="1px"> <HeaderVerbStyle ForeColor="White" /> <HeaderStyle BackColor="Black" ForeColor="White" /> <CloseVerb Text="Close Verb" /> <AddVerb Text="Add Verb" /> Style elements provide the <VerbStyle Font-Size="Smaller" /> visual characteristics <PartLinkStyle ForeColor="Blue" /> <SelectedPartLinkStyle ForeColor="Blue" /> <InstructionTextStyle Font-Size="Small" CssClass="instruction-text" /> <LabelStyle BorderColor="Black" BorderWidth="1px" /> <PartChromeStyle BackColor="Control" /> <PartLinkStyle Font-Size=Large /> <PartTitleStyle BackColor="Black" ForeColor="White" /> <FooterStyle BorderStyle="Dashed" />
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Explicit Interface Implementation
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We also want our unit tests to be self-sufficient and isolated. Resist the temptation to refactor repeated code in unit tests and create only test helpers for the cross-cutting concerns. The DRY principle (Don t Repeat Yourself) doesn t apply to test code as much as to production code. Rather, keeping test cases isolated and self-contained reduces the change burden when the production code needs to change. Being able to scan a unit test and see the context all in one method makes them more readable. The tests should also be repeatable. That means no shared global variables for the test result state, and no shared state between tests in general. Keep unit tests isolated in every way, and they ll be repeatable, order-independent, and stable. Pay attention to pain if tests become painful and time consuming to maintain, there s something wrong. Correctly managed design and tests enable sustained speed of development, whereas poor testing techniques cause development to slow down to the point where testing is abandoned. At that point, it s back to painstaking, timeintensive manual testing. If you start to think that you could move faster without writing the tests, look for technique errors or bad design in the production code. Get a peer to review the code. Tests should enable development, not slow it down.
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Task List
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As with our interface, the implementation code begins with a directive C and ends with an end E. In between, we describe what our method does D, which includes sending a message to the Apple class object. code example
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14.1.2 Touches and events
11.1.2 Obtaining DirectoryProviders from a non-sharded entity
Using Objects Polymorphically
using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text;
What s the thumbprint used for The name of the certificate in the service definition file (MyCertificate, the one you typed in Visual Studio) is internal to Windows Azure. This name isn t tied back to the name of the certificate that you generated earlier. You need to be able to retrieve the correct certificate from the store, and the thumbprint is that search parameter. Windows Azure uses the FindByThumbprint functionality built into Windows to retrieve the actual certificate. If you have a production certificate from a trusted authority that you can t install in your development environment and you need to configure that in Windows Azure via the portal, then you can always manually configure the certificate in the service configuration file using the thumbprint. We ve covered the standard configuration settings. Let s look at how you configure your own custom settings.
Because of definite assignment, though, you d have to initialize those three variables before you can pass them to your method:
Mapping the unexpected: custom bridges
449 inbound 373 Last In Last Out 359 listing queues 364 long queues 377 loop ceiling 374 message content 361 message properties 361 messages 339 340, 360 metadata 362, 365 naming conventions 362 one-way 359 outbound 373 performance 358 persisting messages 362 polling 336 queue browser 363 366 recoverability 340 scaling dynamically 377 shared counters 371 372 single instruction, multiple data 371 strict ordered delivery 359 symmetric 373 truncated exponential backoff 374 375 work complete receipt 373
Here, we are creating a durable subscription message consumer to the javax. jms.Topic playBoyTopic with a subscription ID of JoeOgler. From now on, all messages to the topic will be held until a consumer with the subscription ID JoeOgler receives them. You can remove this subscription with the following code:
O Plot some functions
An event is raised (or sent) by a publisher (or sender) when something of interest occurs (such as an action taking place, or a property changing). Clients can subscribe to the event by providing a suitable delegate, rather like the callbacks we used previously. The method wrapped by the delegate is called the event handler. The neat thing is that more than one client can subscribe to the event. Here s an example of a couple of events that we can add to the DocumentProcessor to help our production team:
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