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Doing CRUDy stuff with the Table service
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This time, the Hibernate defaults are used for the hibernate.component declaration. In addition to this declaration of a component mapping, the individual properties of Address must also be mapped: In the Address source code, we add hibernate.property tags to the getStreet(), getZipcode, and getCity() getter methods. We don t mark up the Address class itself it isn t an entity (only a component of User and possibly others), and it doesn t even have an identifier property. Only the getter methods of the component properties have to be tagged. Let s complete the mapping declaration for User with tags for entity association mapping.
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<project name="HelloWorld" default="compile" basedir="."> <!-- Name of project and version --> <property name="proj.name" value="HelloWorld"/> <property name="proj.version" value="1.0"/> <!-- Global properties for this <property name="src.java.dir" <property name="lib.dir" <property name="build.dir" build --> value="src"/> value="lib"/> value="bin"/>
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The designer of Note has opted to make the Read(...) method virtual but not to make the Write(...) method virtual:
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Figure 9.1 The hierarchy of script descriptors reflects, on the server side, the hierarchy of client components.
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These methods are very low-level API calls, and each returns matching documents differently, so we suggest you read the documentation to see the strengths and weaknesses of each in relation to what you re trying to do.
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Study the conventional solution first In this step, you sketch out, design, and even prototype the conventional solution. We followed this route in most chapters in parts 2 and 3. First, we studied the conventional solution and focused on repeated patterns of code. While illustrating the conventional solution helped you appreciate the AspectJ solution that followed, the main purpose was to help you understand the AspectJ design needed for a better solution. The idea is to first sketch the code tangling and code scattering, and then modularize it. Once you become reasonably experienced at this, you may reduce the emphasis on this step or even eliminate it. Limit the implementation By limiting the solution to only modules that currently need the functionality, you eliminate the impact both positive and negative on other modules. We discussed this approach in chapter 7 (resource pooling) and chapter 9 (thread safety in Swing applications). The goal is to leave as much of the system unaffected as possible and reduce the testing effort required. To do this, you can either use pointcuts such as within() to specify only join points in the modules you want to weave, or you can configure your build system to include only those modules. Let it loose Once you are comfortable with the solution and its impact, you should modify the pointcuts or build configurations that have been limiting the applicability. For example, instead of restricting resource pooling to only certain modules, you lift those restrictions to let it crosscut system wide. This way, if a new module joins the system, it starts benefiting from the aspects right away.
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[December, 31]
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To avoid these problems, Visual Studio automatically configures WPF and Windows Forms projects to run in 32-bit mode. If you open the project properties and go to the Build tab, you ll see a Platform target: setting, and for GUI projects, this defaults to x86, as Figure 19-6 shows. This makes the application always run as a 32-bit process, even on 64-bit Windows. This is unlikely to cause problems for most user interfaces it s pretty unusual for a GUI to process such large volumes of data that 64-bit processing becomes a necessity. GUI programs are more likely to use ActiveX controls than to have massive memory requirements, so this conservative default makes sense. (And if you re writing an unusual application that really does need a multigigabyte address space, you can always change this project setting.)
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The program is going to read in the contents of the file. To do this, it ll need to use types from the System.IO namespace, so you ll need to add the following near the top of your Program.cs file:
Update local JobEntry status
Bitter session states
transformers 79 introducing 66 pre-defined transformers 83 TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider class 194 Trusted Sites 307 try block 261 TypeConverters 206 using 207 TypeDescriptor 91 U UploadHelpText 150 UserControl 38, 42 UserPersonalizationStateInfo 280 V Value 185 verbs 48 Verbs property 48, 215 Views 179 ViewState 39, 160 Visual Studio design time experience 207 design-time experience of user controls 42 Visual Studio 2005 9 Visual Studio Properties window 11 W Warn method 260 web part overview 6 web part description files format of 118 Web Parts Visual Studio Toolbox 11 web service 294 web.config 59 connectionStrings 22 customErrors 269
For hire: Take a ride on For hire: Find anything on the Internet (IntentFilter) the map (IntentFilter) Android application #2 (BroadcastReceiver)
Creates an EAR archive.
The keyword out implies the same semantics as the keyword ref, except that it also allows you to use the variable without first initializing it in the calling method.
Listing 3.1 The provider web part implements our interface, thereby exposing the Numbers property.
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