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This chapter explained that even though EJB 3 is a specification and Spring is a framework, you can use them together successfully to build flexible, powerful applications. You can use parts of the EJB 3 implementation, or all of it, within your Spring applications. Spring can simplify the use of both EJB 3 and JPA, but at the price of foraging through Spring s XML configuration files. You learned how to develop a Spring-enabled EJB (session bean or MDB) and leverage the power of Spring within your EJB components. Similarly, you can access an EJB 3 session bean from your Spring bean and reuse your business logic. EJB 3 is a great framework for building enterprise Java applications, and it significantly improves developer productivity. It has some minor limitations, such as
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select e.name, count(elements(a)) from Event e join e.attendees a group by e.name
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The Handles keyword connects the subroutine with the fired event. The decoded message comes into the handler through the decodedMessage argument, and is splashed all over the screen with a simple yet powerful call to the MsgBox function. That s it for the sample code. Now it s time to roll up your sleeves and embark on a full Visual Basic 2008 project.
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As you can see, the object is still treated as a form XObject; it s not converted into an image XObject, nor is it rasterized. Wrapping a PdfTemplate inside an Image is an elegant way to avoid having to calculate the transformation matrix yourself. To conclude this chapter, we ll reduce the file size of the film festival s timetable as promised.
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MoveAnimation ResizeAnimation ScaleAnimation SequenceAnimation ParallelAnimation ConditionAnimation CaseAnimation
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Antipattern: Performance Afterthoughts
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In the calculator application, the buttons are gray when the document is opened. As soon as you move over a button with the mouse, its color is changed to red. When you click the button, it s blue as long as you keep the mouse button down. This mechanism is often used for link annotations, to show the end user that a specific area can be clicked to go to another page or URL. The different appearances are created the same way you created XObjects in chapter 3. You ve used additional actions to change the value of the text field named move. You can find the implementation of the showMove() function in listing 7.30. Clicking a digit triggers the augment() method. The register() method is called when the end user clicks an operator. The calculateResult() method corresponds to the equals sign. The C and CE buttons trigger reset().
Table 4.1 Hibernate s built-in identifier-generator modules (continued) JPA GenerationType Options Description This generator creates a sequence in DB2, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SAP DB, or Mckoi; or a generator in InterBase is used. The returned identifier is of type long, short, or int. Use the sequence option to define a catalog name for the sequence (hibernate_ sequence is the default) and parameters if you need additional settings creating a sequence to be added to the DDL. At Hibernate startup, this generator reads the maximum (numeric) primary key column value of the table and increments the value by one each time a new row is inserted. The generated identifier is of type long, short, or int. This generator is especially efficient if the single-server Hibernate application has exclusive access to the database but should not be used in any other scenario. A high/low algorithm is an efficient way to generate identifiers of type long, given a table and column (by default hibernate_unique_key and next, respectively) as a source of high values. The high/low algorithm generates identifiers that are unique only for a particular database. High values are retrieved from a global source and are made unique by adding a local low value. This algorithm avoids congestion when a single source for identifier values has to be accessed for many inserts. See Data Modeling 101 (Ambler, 2002) for more information about the high/low approach to unique identifiers. This generator needs to use a separate database connection from time to time to retrieve high values, so it isn t supported with user-supplied database connections. In other words, don t use it with
Advanced AspectJ
As the current XML Script block is processed, all the child elements of the components tag are extracted and stored in an array. These are all the client objects that need to be instantiated. The instantiation process is performed by the parseNode method, which is called by the parser on each tag to parse the markup code and create an instance of the object. First, the parseNode method needs to determine the fully qualified name of the class to instantiate. To locate the class, it extracts the tag name and the namespace prefix from the markup code. The tag name is the case-insensitive name of the class; it s turned to uppercase. The information on the namespace is retrieved from the XML namespace prefix used in the tag. Finally, the fully qualified name of the class is obtained by appending the class name to its containing namespace.
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hibernate.query.factory_class= org.hibernate.hql.classic.ClassicQueryTranslatorFactory
Copies a file or directory to a new file or directory.
Include="CiDotNet.WinCalc\bin\$(Configuration)\app.publish\**\*.*" /> </ItemGroup>
Java Card Credit card-sized plastic cards are now being outfitted with a microprocessor or a memory chip. There are several types of smart card devices. Smart cards with an integrated circuit microprocessor can actually process data stored on the card. Other integrated circuit cards require the assistance of a reader for processing, but contain a fixed set of processing instructions for manipulating data stored on the card. Smart cards are finding their way into many applications, and you may actually own some smart cards without knowing it. Several credit card companies have started using smart cards
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