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Unless you re in the enviable situation of conducting green-field development with EJB 3, there is a chance your EJB 3 application will need to peacefully coexist with your EJB 2 applications and components, and vice versa. More than that, you ll probably want them to work together, interoperating with each other. Now there are several possibilities for using EJB 2 and EJB 3 together. Maybe you have decided to migrate a selected group of application components to EJB 3, while leaving some components in earlier versions as a part of an incremental migration. Another common case is where a newly developed EJB 3 application wants to leverage an existing EJB 2 component. Yet another instance could be that the developers decide to migrate the persistence tier of ActionBazaar built using CMP 2 to use the EJB 3 JPA, leaving all the session beans and MDBs implemented in EJB 2. A less likely but possible case is that you decide to move the business logic tier of your applications to EJB 3, and leave the persistence tier built with CMP 2 untouched. EJB 3 supports all these scenarios and makes the EJB 3 JPA available for use with session beans and MDBs built using EJB 2. The first EJB 3 migration item to be aware of is that if you want to package both EJB 2 style beans and EJB 3 beans and JPA entities in the same EJB module, then you must set the version attribute of the ejb-jar module to 3.0 as follows:
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Caching is such a fundamental concept in object/relational persistence that you can t understand the performance, scalability, or transactional semantics of an ORM implementation without first knowing what kind of caching strategy (or strategies) it uses. There are three main types of cache:
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When it runs, your class welcomes prospective users to the Event Calendar. Now that you have all the necessary classes in place, you should run the build file. At the command line, change directories so that you re in the same directory as the build.xml file. Type the following at the command line:
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D1 Q 19.866 = = 0.9800 |D1| |Q| 7.128 2.844 D2 Q 26.538 = = 0.7965 |D2| |Q| 11.715 2.844
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To move, arrange, operate, or control by the hands or by mechanical means, especially in a skillful manner
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It is interesting to note that if you simply refresh the browser, rather than click a button on the page, the counter will not be incremented.
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DESCRIPTION Using the wrong tool can often result in disaster. EJB is often applied to situations when much simpler technologies would be better choices. MOST FREQUENT SCALE Project REFACTORED SOLUTION NAME Well-chosen technologies REFACTORED SOLUTION TYPE Technology REFACTORED SOLUTION DESCRIPTION Choose a technology appropriate for the needs of your project. Choosing an overly complex solution could cause a simple project to fail. ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE We re using EJB CMP entity beans on one part of our project, so we should just use it for all database access. SYMPTOMS, CONSEQUENCES Overly complicated implementations of simple projects, inadequate scalability, and/or performance
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Intrinsic types aren t very flexible, although you ll use them a lot. You can use them to add two numbers together, and they can display their values as strings. Userdefined types can do a lot more; their abilities are determined by the methods you create, which we ll get to in 8. Objects of an intrinsic type are called variables, and we ll talk about those later in this chapter.
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Now sign the request using the request signing functionality built into the StorageClient library:
only partially intended). But first we need to decide on a simple project to practice on, something fun yet informative. We re going to develop a version of the simple, yet addictive, number puzzle game found in countless newspapers and magazines around the world. If you ve never encountered such puzzles before, take a look at figure 4.1. The general idea is to fill in the missing cells in a grid with unique numbers (in a standard puzzle, 1 to 9) in each row, each column, and each box. A successful solution is a grid completely filled in, without duplicates in any row, column, or box.
7.6.2 Demarcating transactions at the persistence layer
<input <input <input <input type="button" type="button" type="button" type="button" id="rssReader_prevBtn" id="rssReader_pauseBtn" id="rssReader_nextBtn" id="rssReader_addBtn" value=" << " /> value=" | | " /> value=" >> " /> value="Add Feed" />
With the Ajax-based RSS syndication feed reader that we have developed, we are able to view RSS feeds from an HTML file stored on the desktop with no serverside code required. We can use this application to grab the RSS feeds we read without having to go to the websites. We may want to offer this page as a download for the users on our websites. We can set it up to read our site s RSS feeds. Because we can run this script on our website too, we can use it for other things as well. One use can be a banner ad rotator, a company news banner, or anything else we can think of. But there are some limitations to what this script can do, and we may have trouble running this application with Mozilla on our desktop.
Although we already have a few good logging toolkits, such as the standard Java logging introduced in JDK 1.4 and log4j, we still have to write log statements everywhere we need logging and it is not a trivial task. In the next few sections, we will consider a simple example that will allow us to examine both conventional and AspectJ-based logging. We will first study the conventional solution using logging toolkits. This will help you understand the AspectJ-based solution we will present next, since it also uses these logging toolkits.
Figure D.4 When creating a new project, settings for the project, MIDlet suite and associated MIDlets are provided in this window.
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