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Listing 14.19 TextExample2.java
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It would be nice if either COM or .NET were to produce a more informative error, such as The component you require is available only in 32-bit form, but you re running as a 64-bit process. This would involve performing extra work on an operation that s already doomed, just to tell you something you can work out for yourself. This would be a waste of CPU cycles, which is presumably why .NET doesn t do this. With normal DLLs, the same issue exists, although you ll get a slightly different exception: BadImageFormatException. (The word image is sometimes used to refer to a compiled binary component designed to be loaded into a process and executed.) This can be rather alarming, because if you read the error message in the exception, or you take a glance at the exception s documentation, it s easy to get the impression that the DLL you are trying to load is corrupt. But what s really going on here is that it s simply in a format that cannot be loaded into your process you re in a 64-bit process and you re trying to load a 32-bit DLL.
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Multireceiver commands
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As an example, suppose you have the following query: Q = shipment silver shipment. The frequencies are
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Record Editors and Supporting Forms
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Creating reusable content
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11.4 Conversations with EJB 3.0
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public Object login(Object username, Object password, Object isPersistent, Object customInfo, Object redirectUrl, Object loginCompletedCallback, Object failedCallback, Object userContext); // // // // // // // // username to validate password to validate remember me reserved for future redirect on auth call on success call on failure user context
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We first create a class and decorate it with the TestFixtureAttribute. Like most automated testing frameworks in .NET, MbUnit requires you to decorate test classes with an attribute because it looks for these attributes to determine which classes to execute in its testing harness. Next, we decorate the test class with the ApartmentState B attribute. This attribute is necessary because WatiN uses COM to automate the Internet Explorer (IE) browser window. Each test we author is a public void method decorated with the Test attribute. MbUnit will execute every method with the Test attribute and record the result. With our test class and method in place, we need to use WatiN to execute our test scenario. First, we instantiate a new IE object in a using block C. When the IE object is instantiated, a browser window immediately launches and navigates to the URL specified in the constructor. We need to enclose the IE lifecycle in a using block to ensure that the COM resources WatiN uses are properly disposed. The IE object is our main gateway to browser automation with WatiN. To interact with the browser, the IE object exposes methods for finding, examining, and manipulating DOM elements. We use the Link method D to find the Products link by its text, and then click it with the Click method. The Link method includes many overloads, and we use the one that selects based on a WatiN BaseConstraint object. The Find static class includes helper methods to build constraints that are used to filter the elements in the DOM. Once we click the Products link, we navigate to the first Edit link on the page and click it. After clicking this link, we re then on the edit screen for a single product. We now need to find and fill in the input element for the price. Looking at the source, we can see that the input element has a name attribute with a value of "Price", so we search by name attribute to locate the correct Price input element. To modify the value of the element, as if we were typing in the value in a browser manually, we set the Value property to a new value E. With the value changed, we can now find the Save button by name and click it F. If our save completes successfully, we should be redirected back to the products list page. If we encounter a validation error, we ll stay on the product edit screen. In our scenario, we entered all valid data, so we check to make sure we re redirected back to the products list page G. Finally, we can check that our product value is updated by searching for the price value on the page H. ShouldBeTrue() is an extension method of the NBehave testing library.
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In this chapter, we covered a variety of ways that you can import primarily text-based data into your program. User action is one of the most important methods, and one well covered by previous sections. In addition to UITextFields, UITextViews, and UISearchBars, many nontextual interface options are available. Preferences mark the other major way users can influence your program. You can either program them manually or use the System Setting bundle. Ultimately, user input is somewhat limited on the iPhone because of the slow typing speed. If you re dealing with piles of text, you ll more frequently want to pull that data from an existing resource. The iPad doesn t suffer from this issue, because users can type more quickly on the keyboard. Files are the traditional way to access large amounts of data. We ll return to files when we deal with photos and sounds in the later chapters. Databases are frequently an easier way to access data, particularly if the data is well organized, as you ll see in chapter 9. There s only one data-input method that we ve largely ignored: the internet. We consider it so important that we ll cover it in chapter 14. The data-input and -retrieval methods discussed in this chapter and the next will form a foundation for much of the work you do with the iPhone and iPad, because ultimately everything is data. You ll need to retrieve data when you work with images and sounds. Similarly, you may want to save data from your accelerometer, from your Core Location, or when you create a graphic. Keep what you ve learned here in your back pocket as you move on to the rest of the iPhone OS toolbox. We re now ready to discuss more advanced data access techniques, including interfacing with the Address Book and saving persistent data with SQLite.
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Learning a new platform is always hard at first. It s nice to have resources you can turn to for guidance, information, and inspiration. This section lists URLs that may be useful to you in your JavaFX work. The URLs are loosely grouped by type but are in no particular order of preference.
Looking at listing 8.21, you can see a lot of the same things that we did in the previous Actions. The basic responsibility of the controller is to load the events, storing them in a CalendarModel and making them available to the view. The controller provides methods that allow the @Foreach components to iterate over getRows(), getDays(), and getEvents(). Finally, it exposes the getPreviousMonth(), getPreviousYear(), getNextMonth(), and getNextYear() fields so the forward and back links can be created. The loadModel() method is where Hibernate shows up. One of the Tapestry central concepts is the Visit object, which is the central manager -type object that Tapestry creates for you and stores in the HttpSession. This allows different pages to share state without having to muck about with the session itself. The actual Visit object, which you can get a handle to by using getVisit(), can be any kind of object you want. In this case, you have a simple EventManager object that delegates Hibernate calls to your EventDao, like so:
If you write a custom ReaderProvider implementation, remember that a ReaderProvider is accessed concurrently. Look at the default implementations, and you will learn a lot about how to guard against concurrent accesses while maintaining a cache of IndexReaders.
All that is needed is something to kick off the action.
Fa ade fa ade = new Fa ade( );
INSERT SNIPPET Insert 14, Snippet Item 2.
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