Figure 7.8 The web financial calculator, ready to be tested in C#

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As you may have noticed while typing the first listing in Visual Studio, code completion isn t available at the moment for XML Script. In addition, no support is provided for debugging XML Script code and for the Visual Studio Designer. As we said in the introduction, XML Script is part of the ASP.NET Futures package and is still under development.
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Exposes browser instance
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Query q = session.createQuery("from Item") .setComment("My Comment..."); Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Item.class) .setComment("My Comment..."); Query q = em.createQuery("select i from Item i") .setHint("org.hibernate.comment", "My Comment...");
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client tries to use it, so select ChatHost and click the up arrow next to the list, to tell Visual Studio to run it first. (In theory, this is not a reliable technique, because there s no guarantee that the server will get enough of a head start. In practice, it appears to work well enough for this sort of debugging exercise.) Figure 13-8 shows how these settings should look.
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<script type="text/javascript"> <!-function pageLoad() { var slider = $find('theSlider'); slider.add_valueChanged(onValueChanged); } function onValueChanged(sender, e) { var slider = sender; = slider.get_Value() + 'px'; } //--> </script>
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Testing the user interface
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Also notice the use of double.Parse. Command-line arguments are passed as text, because the user can type anything:
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UI and the accompanying database structure that makes up our list of job entries, and
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In regular development, you ll often want to use your Android device as a phone. You might dial outbound calls through simple built-in intents, or intercept calls to modify them in some way. In this section, we ll cover these basic tasks and examine some of the phone-number utilities Android provides for you. One of the more common things you ll do with Android telephony support doesn t even require using the telephony APIs directly: making calls using built-in intents.
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PDF and Word extractors as a custom bridge
Animate an image sequence to a display.
Transactions and security
int value = 12345678; string text = value.ToString(@"###-### \# ###"); Console.WriteLine(text);
In a multithreaded environment, the execution flow of this example is efficient and may look something like Figure 7-6.
{duration: 5.0} ); } }
[junit] Running org.example.antbook.ant.lucene.HtmlDocumentTest [junit] Tests run: 1, Failures: 1, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 0.01 sec BUILD FAILED
> java Test
color, and anti-aliasing removes that uniformity. Even with anti-aliasing turned off, we still need fuzzy color matching, because of the way these algorithms work in Image::Magick. The fuzz attribute allows the color matching algorithms to match a color near the one we have specified, instead of matching only the exact color. The higher the value specified for fuzz, the more lenient the color matching will be. Another solution could have been to draw the circle with an anti-aliased line width of 5, and to use a higher fuzziness. As it is, we already need to use a line width of 3 to prevent the fill color to bleed through. Either of the two methods can be used, and both are equally hard to get right. If at all possible, it is much better to stroke and fill in one go with Image::Magick.
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