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enum Temperatures { WickedCold = 0, FreezingPoint = 32, LightJacketWeather = 60, SwimmingWeather = 72, BoilingPoint = 212, } static void Main( ) { System.Console.WriteLine("Freezing point of water: {0}", (int)Temperatures.FreezingPoint); System.Console.WriteLine("Boiling point of water: {0}", (int)Temperatures.BoilingPoint); } } }
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B Align fetch size and the window size so that window size is a multiple of fetch size to maximize performance. C Apply some changes to the objects. D Flush and clear
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The first part of this code snippet shows how to create and paint the shading with the method paintShading(). In the second part, you use the shading to create a PdfShadingPattern and a ShadingColor. Shadings are created using specific types of functions. So far we ve seen an example involving type 2 and type 3 functions. ISO-32000-1 includes five more types. If you want to use the other types, you need to combine one or more of the static type() methods of the PdfShading class. Please consult ISO-32000-1, section 8.7.4, for more info, and inspect the implementation of the simpleAxial() and simpleRadial() methods in the iText source code for inspiration.
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7: Classes and Objects
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We didn t implement the <= or >= methods in this example, but you should go ahead and try it on your own. Solution to Exercise 12-4. Create a class Foot and a class Meter. Each should have a single parameter that stores the length of the object, and a simple method to output that length. Create a casting operator for each class: one that converts a Foot object to a Meter object, and one that converts a Meter object to a Foot object. Test these operators to make sure they work. First, it should be said that the Foot and Meter classes don t make a lot of sense in the real world. It would most likely be better to create a class Measurement, or something similar, that could output the length in either feet or meters. Still, you ve got two classes, so you should be able to convert between them. Since you re using two userdefined classes here, you won t be able to write an implicit conversion. Therefore, Foot needs an explicit conversion to Meter, and Meter needs an explicit conversion to Foot. For example, here s the declaration for the Foot class s conversion to Meter:
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The first wizard step just says Welcome, so click Next and get on with the real work.
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Listing 2.2
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A.1.3 Maintaining your toolkit
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J2EE Application
Table 11.4 Vendor-specific deployment descriptors for popular application servers Application Server BEA WebLogic IBM WebSphere JBoss Oracle Application Server Sun GlassFish Vendor-Specific Deployment Descriptor weblogic-ejb-jar.xml ibm-ejb-jar.xml jboss.xml orion-ejb-jar.xml sun-ejb-jar.xml
In this opening chapter, we examine the fundamentals of AOP the problems , it addresses, and why you need to know about it.
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