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The code in listing 8.11 gets a handle to the underlying XmlNode being bound to each row of data by using the DataItem property of the Item being bound. The DataItem property we access from the RepeaterItemEventArgs is an instance of the data item being bound to the row, and we can simply cast it directly to the type of data being bound. In this case, because we initially bound our Repeater to an XmlNodeList, we can be sure each item in that list will be an XmlNode. Once we have a reference to the XmlNode, we simply grab the typeName from the node and use it to add a client-side JavaScript function named CloseCatalogDialog to the hyperlink. We are almost there. All that remains is for us to create the CloseCatalogDialog JavaScript function which will receive the information from the pop-up dialog and to pass that information back to the server so the portal framework can add the web part to the page. 8.5.3 Communicating between web pages The CloseCatalogDialog function is a client-side JavaScript function that accepts two arguments. The first argument accepted by the function is the original postbackReference string that was passed into the catalog dialog window by the button in the header of the zone to which we are adding web parts. The second argument of the CloseCatalogDialog function is the value that appeared in the typeName attribute for the web part in our CatalogDialog XML data file. Listing 8.12 shows the CloseCatalogDialog function.
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package com.titan.webservice; import com.titan.domain.*; import com.titan.cabin.*; import com.titan.processpayment.*; import javax.ejb.EJBException; import java.util.Date; import java.util.Calendar; import javax.persistence.*; @Stateless public class TravelAgentBean implements TravelAgentEndpoint { @PersistenceContext EntityManager em; @EJB ProcessPaymentLocal process; public String makeReservation(int cruiseId, int cabinId,
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Picture this: the PhotoViewer application
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11.4 Partitioning data across lots of servers
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PersonalizationAdministration.ResetUserState(null, UserNameTextBox.Text);
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if (MyObject.someProperty){ ... }
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as ILoggedCompressible extends ICompressible. Solution to Question 13-9. The class implementing a method of the interface can mark that method virtual, and the implementation of the method can then be overridden in derived classes. Solution to Question 13-10. Explicit interface implementation identifies the member of the interface by naming the interface itself (e.g., IStorable.Write( )). This is done to differentiate implementation methods when there might otherwise be an ambiguity, such as when implementing multiple interfaces that have methods with the same signature.
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User Authentication and My.User
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To initialize object properties not managed by constructors, you need to assign those properties separately just after you create the class instance.
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Beyond Basic SQL
The @Remove annotation marks the end of the workflow modeled by a stateful bean. In our case, we are telling the container that there is no longer a need to maintain the bean s session with the client after the confirmOrder method is invoked. If we didn t tell the container what method invocation marks the end of the workflow, the container could wait for a long time until it could safely time-out the session. Since stateful beans are guaranteed to be dedicated to a client for the duration of a session, this could mean a lot of orphaned state data consuming precious server resources for long periods of time!
<asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager1" runat="server" /> . . . <asp:Button ID="Filter" runat="server" Text="Filter" OnClick="Filter_Click" /> . . . <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server" UpdateMode="Conditional"> <ContentTemplate> <asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataSourceID="SqlDataSource1" AllowPaging="True" AllowSorting="True" . . . </asp:GridView> </ContentTemplate> <Triggers> <asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="Filter" EventName="Click" /> Associate button </Triggers> click with panel </asp:UpdatePanel>
MsgBox("The first animal is: " & animal(0))
Have you ever put XML comments into your code You can, and then extract them and compile them into useful documentation. That s the purpose of Sandcastle. These comments are most often added by component and framework vendors for building help files. But they can also be useful for other team members or even for yourself when you have to make changes to a module a month from now. You can also automate the building of your deployment. It doesn t matter if you use ClickOnce, Visual Studio Installer, WiX, Inno Setup, or something else. Having your CI process automatically build the application, create the install set, and then test the install are big steps to ensuring a good, solid application. The tools presented here are by no means an exhaustive list. You can find many tools for things like code visualization, performance testing, static analysis, and more through a web search. Some of the tools cost several thousand dollars, and others are free. In this book, we take the low-cost approach and discuss tools that are free or available at a minimal cost. Tools like this emerge continuously in the community. To keep track of what s new and hot, you can check community sites like StackOverflow and ALT.NET (http://altdotnet.org/). Now that you ve been introduced to many of the tools you ll be using in your CI process, it s time to introduce you to the project we ll use throughout the book.
Hide the dialog msg.hideDialog=function(e){ var dialog=(this.dialog) this.dialog : msg.dialog; if (dialog){ if (dialog.modalLayer){ dialog.modalLayer.style.display='none'; }else{ dialog.style.display='none'; } } } Show the dialog msg.showDialog=function(e){ var dialog=(this.dialog) this.dialog : msg.dialog; if (dialog){ if (dialog.modalLayer){ dialog.modalLayer.style.display='block'; }else{ dialog.style.display='block'; } } }
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