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XML is arguably the most important development in systems integration in the past twenty years. The ability to generically describe, manipulate, and transform data is allowing all types of enterprise systems to be connected in ways never before possible. In this section, we examine the ways XML can enhance J2EE systems integration in each of the four patterns described in section 4.1.1. As you will see, XML technology provides most of its value at the message and procedure level, but can be used in specialized ways at the data and object integration levels as well.
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What s in a name In the case of Java and JavaScript, a lot of marketing and relatively little substance. JavaScript was renamed from livescript at the last minute by Netscape s marketing department, and now the name has stuck. Contrary to popular perception, JavaScript is not a descendent of the C family of languages. It owes a lot more to functional languages such as Scheme and Self, and it has quite a lot in common with Python, too. Unfortunately, it s been named after Java and syntactically styled to look like Java. In places, it will behave like Java, but in many places, it just plain won t. Table B.1 summarizes the key differences.
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Finding and Modifying Permissions
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My.Application My.Application.Info My.Application.Log My.Computer My.Computer.Audio My.Computer.Clipboard My.Computer.Clock My.Computer.FileSystem My.Computer.FileSystem. SpecialDirectories My.Computer.Info My.Computer.Keyboard My.Computer.Mouse My.Computer.Network My.Computer.Ports My.Computer.Registry My.Forms My.Log My.Request My.Resources My.Response My.Settings My.User My.WebServices
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all the servers are managed in an effective way. But how does the cloud really work
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query.setParameter("price", 100.00);
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Error Handling |
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All the updates in an operation with a transaction requirement must use a single connection object that contains the transaction state. This implies that while in the control flow of a method that needs transaction management, once a connection is created, all the subsequent updates in that control flow must use the same connection object. In other words, the connection object forms the context for the operations. All the updates must be committed when the top-level operation completes successfully. If any update fails or if any business methods throw an exception, all the updates on the connection objects must be rolled back. A non-core requirement is to create a reusable solution. Because you will likely need transaction management for JDBC-based systems in multiple projects, developing a reusable solution saves the subsequent development cost.
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Quartz 2D is a two-dimensional drawing library that s tightly integrated into the iPhone OS. It works well with all the relevant frameworks, including Core Animation, OpenGL ES, and the UIKit. Fundamentally, Quartz s drawings depend on three core ideas: context, paths, and state, each of which will be the topic of a future section: Context is a description of where the graphics are being written to, as defined by a CGContextRef. You ll usually be writing to a UIView or to a bitmap. Layers are a little less important for this overview, but they re where Quartz drawing occurs. They can be stacked one on top of another, creating a complex result. When working with the iPhone or iPad, you ll often only have a single layer associated with each of your UIKit objects. Paths are what you ll typically draw in Quartz. These are collections of lines and arcs that are drawn in advance and then are painted to the screen by either stroking or filling the path in question (or, possibly, by clipping it). State saves the values of transformations, clipping paths, fill and stroke settings, alpha values, other blending modes, text characteristics, and more. The current state can be stored with CGContextSaveGState and restored with CGContextRestoreGState, allowing for easy switching among complex drawing setups. Quartz is built on the older Core Foundation framework that you ve met a few times over the course of this part of the book. This means you ll need to use older styles of variables to integrate with Cocoa Touch using toll-free bridging, and to respect Core Foundation s memory-management techniques. If you need more information about any Quartz topic, see the Quartz 2D Programming Guide at Apple s developer website. It s a fine introduction to Quartz, although not as focused as you d probably like, a deficiency that we ll correct in this chapter. Using Quartz requires little special setup. It can be easily integrated into any template and any project you want. Be sure to include the Core Graphics framework and the CoreGraphics/CoreGraphics.h include file before you get started. With that said, we re ready to dive into our first major Quartz topic: the context.
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We ve already offered several examples for the first two ways to load views (including plenty of Interface Builder examples in chapter 12 and viewDidLoad: examples in chapter 13), so we re not going to repeat those methods here. Instead, since the latter two view controllers don t have their own class files, you ll see how you can create their views using applicationDidFinishLaunching:. Honestly, it d probably be simpler to create their views in Interface Builder, but this example will demonstrate how you can use the tab bar controller. Although you don t have outlets for the controllers themselves, you can link to them straight from the tab bar controller object, which you do have access to, thanks to that IBOutlet that we re already seen. This relates to a concept that we discussed when talking about basic view controllers in chapter 13; since view controllers have to do MVC management, they should give you easy access to related objects. Within the tab bar controller is a viewControllers property, which is an NSArray list of the view controllers that a tab bar controller contains. Listing 15.1 shows how to access this information and programmatically build a couple of views for the second and third controller within tabexAppDelegate.m. This is the skeleton of a simple program that would let you edit a text view in the first window, keep a count of what you ve written in the second, and search in the third.
For animations that should not be implemented as bitmapped frames, the Scalable Vector Graphics format (see section 2.1.5, SVG, on page 19) will prove to be an important player. Many GIF animations can be better implemented as Macromedia Flash animations, and in many places where Flash animations are now used, the SVG format will be an appropriate, nonproprietary replacement. Support for the SVG format can be expected in the next release of the major browsers since it has been adopted by the World Wide Web Consortium as a candidate recommendation for a standard. Apart from these four formats there really isn t much available that is widely supported, or looks like it might be widely supported in the near future. Many graphics packages use their own format to store animations (such as ImageMagick s MIFF format), but it is unlikely that support for these will ever be available in mainstream web browsers.
We ve already seen StreamWriter, the handy wrapper class we can use for writing text to a stream. Previously, we got hold of one from File.CreateText, but remember we mentioned that there s a constructor we can use to wrap any Stream (not just a FileStream) if we want to write text to it Well, we can use that now, for our Isolated StorageFileStream. Similarly, we can use the equivalent StreamReader to read text from the stream if it already exists. Example 11-50 implements the UseStream method that Example 11-49 called after opening the stream, and it uses both StreamReader and StreamWriter.
The MsgClient and MsgListener applications must be run from separate command windows. The following commands are necessary for starting the MsgListener. The first command allows all protocols to be made available to our MIDlet. Without this flag set to true, only the HTTP connections are available since this is the only connection type that must be supported by MIDP.
2: Building Web Applications
Elements can be hidden from view by setting either visibility:hidden or display:none. In the former case, the item will still occupy space on the page, if relatively positioned, whereas in the latter case, it won t. This covers the basic styling properties required to construct user interfaces for Ajax applications using CSS. In the following section, we ll look at an example of putting CSS into practice.
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