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The following snippet shows the resulting transfer() method s implementation. Note that we assume that we soften the SQLExceptions thrown by commit(), rollback(), and close():
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!(x == 3)
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$streamContext = stream_context_create(); stream_context_set_option($streamContext, 'ssl', 'local_cert', $apnsCert); $apns = stream_socket_client('ssl://' . $apnsHost . ':' . $apnsPort, $error, $errorString, 2, STREAM_CLIENT_CONNECT, $streamContext); $apnsMessage = chr(0) . chr(0) . chr(32) . pack('H*', str_replace(' ', '', $deviceToken)) . chr(0) . chr(strlen($payload)) . $payload; fwrite($apns, $apnsMessage); fclose($apns); >
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In the previous couple of chapters, we looked at some basic programming techniques such as loops and conditions, and used some of the data types built into the language and platform, such as int and string. Unfortunately, real programs even fairly simple ones are much, much more complicated than the examples we ve built so far. They need to model the behavior of realworld objects like cars and planes, or ideas like mathematical expressions, or behaviors, like the transaction between you and your favorite coffee shop when you buy a double espresso and a brownie with your bank card.
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Listing 10.7 Sample iBATIS dao.xml
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Table 14.6 Line cap styles Style Description The stroke is squared off at the endpoint of the path. This is the default. A semicircular arc with diameter equal to the line width is drawn around the endpoint. The stroke continues beyond the endpoint of the path for a distance equal to half the line width.
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ordination. It provides a way for threads to sit and wait for items to become available in the collection. Its Take method will block if the collection is empty. Once data becomes available, Take will return one item. Any number of threads may be waiting inside Take at any time, and other threads are free to call Add. If you Add enough items that all the threads waiting to Take are satisfied, and then you keep calling Add, that s when items start to get added to the collection. And if the collection is nonempty, calls to Take will return immediately. This allows you to have one or more threads dedicated to processing work items generated by other threads. The BlockingCollection acts as a kind of buffer if you generate items faster than you process them, they will queue up in the BlockingCollec tion, and if the processing threads catch up, they will block efficiently until more items come along. You could use this in a WPF application that needs to do slow work in the background the UI thread could add work into a blocking collection, and then one or more worker threads could take items from the collection and process them. This is not hugely different from using the thread pool, but it gives you the opportunity to limit
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we ve developed to this point provides the functionality needed for the suggest behavior, but it has some drawbacks in terms of the work required for a developer to plug it into a web page or 20 to 30 web pages, for that matter. So let s imagine for a moment that we are the grand architect of an Ajax-based web framework and we ve been assigned the task of writing a suggest component for the rest of the company to use. As the requirements-gathering meeting disperses, we re handed a sheet giving us our loose set of functional requirements. Unsure of what we re getting into, we glance down at the list (table 10.2).
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{ } }
We d like the URL for the action in listing 24.4 to look like /home/index; but if we try this URL, we ll get a 404 error, as shown in figure 24.1. Why The problem isn t apparent from that error message. We certainly have a controller called HomeController, and it has an action method called Index. If we dig deep into the routes, we can deduce that this URL was picked up by the first route, {category}/{action}, which wasn t what we intended. We should be able to quickly identify a routing mismatch so that we can fix it speedily.
can be shipped if (order.IsAuthorized) { ShippingStatus status = _shippingService.Ship(order);
- (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect {
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