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namespace Given { // The original Photo class public class Photo : Form { Image image; public Photo ( ) { image = new Bitmap("jug.jpg"); this.Text = "Lemonade"; this.Paint += new PaintEventHandler(Drawer); } public virtual void Drawer(Object source, PaintEventArgs e) { e.Graphics.DrawImage(image,30,20); } } } class DecoratorPatternExample { // This simple BorderedPhoto decorator adds a colored border of fixed size class BorderedPhoto : Photo { Photo photo; Color color; public BorderedPhoto (Photo p, Color c) { photo = p; color=c; } public override void Drawer(Object source, PaintEventArgs e) { photo.Drawer(source, e); e.Graphics.DrawRectangle(new Pen(color, 10),25,15,215,225); } }
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The InvocationContext interface The InvocationContext interface has a number of other useful methods. Here is the definition of the interface:
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By default, includes and excludes are case-sensitive, but this can be disabled by specifying casesensitive="false". The <include> and <exclude> elements are called patternsets. 3.4.2 Default excludes In many cases, special or temporary files end up in your source tree from IDEs and source code management (SCM) systems like CVS. In order to avoid the unpleasant situation of always specifying exclude clauses in each fileset, exclude patterns are enabled by default for many of these special patterns. The default exclude patterns are shown in table 3.2.
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Although minimizing latency will give large performance benefits, you can gain larger performance improvements by batching up inserts into single calls using entity group transactions. Due to the flexible nature of the Windows Azure platform, you can host your storage account and your web and worker roles in different data centers. As you can see from the previous example, this flexibility comes at a price: latency. For the best performance, always affinitize your web roles, worker roles, and storage service to the same data center to minimize latency.
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url= "http://myjndihost";
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So far we have seen only so-called one-to-many relationships one customer can be related to many orders, one order can be related to many order details. But there are other kinds of relationships.
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< xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' > <SettingsFile xmlns=" VisualStudio/2004/01/settings" CurrentProfile="(Default)"> <Profiles> <Profile Name="(Default)" /> </Profiles> <Settings /> </SettingsFile>
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In this section we have listed the IDEs with Ant integration with which we are sufficiently familiar to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the Ant integration. We do not cover which editor is best at other tasks, such as editing and debugging, although these are clearly important. Be aware that these tools are continually evolving. The Jakarta-Ant web site is the most up-to-date list of Ant integration resources, and should be the first place to look for more information. There is no one IDE with Ant integration that we can point to and say this is the tool you need. Maybe everyone should just stick to their favorite editor and debugger and get the appropriate Ant plug-in for it. After doing so, find out where the lib directory of the IDE is, and add all dependent JAR files the tasks you use need, such as NetComponents.jar for the <ftp> task. Updating Ant itself is not so easy: sometimes it has been modified to work with the IDE; other times more than ant.jar itself needs to be adjusted, as the parser used to display the file contains its own model of what tasks, elements, and attributes are valid.
From app to applet
inverse="true" cascade="all-delete-orphan"> <key column="ITEM_ID"/> <one-to-many class="Bid"/> </bag> </class>
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