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If you re familiar with NHibernate (, you may be familiar with the Session-per-Request pattern. It refers to the lifecycle of the NHibernate Session object in web environments it s common to open the session at the beginning of the request and close it at the end. Throughout the request, the current session is available in HttpContext.Items. There s an example of this in chapter 23.
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Figure 3.10 Relationship between Item and Bid
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So far in this chapter, we ve touched on the XMLHttpRequest object and some of the Ajax patterns used when developing richer, more interactive web applications. We ve also examined the ASP.NET AJAX architecture and the different development scenarios that rationally emerge from its design. It s time to apply some of this knowledge and walk through a few quick applications that demonstrate how to build pages with ASP.NET AJAX. The following sections move rather quickly, because they re intended to give you a whirlwind tour of the framework. Subsequent chapters will dissect and explain each of the topics more carefully. Let s begin the tour.
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These arguments, en and de, are ISO language codes; see the Javadoc for java.util.Locale. But that isn t all that happens here. When the form is rendered, the #{messages['SelectLanguage']} expression is evaluated, and the output of that expression is rendered as text, before the comand links. The output of this expression is something like Select your language: . Where does it come from Clearly, messages is a Seam component; it lives in the session context. It represents a map of externalized messages; SelectLanguage is a key this map is searched for. If the map contains a value for that key, the value is printed out. Otherwise, SelectLanguage is printed verbatim. You can use the messages component anywhere you can write an expression that resolves Seam components (which is almost anywhere). This component is a convenient handle to a Java resource bundle, which is a complicated term that means key/value pairs in a .properties file. Seam automatically reads from the root of your classpath into the messages component. However, the actual filename depends on the currently selected locale. If a user clicks the DE link, the file that is searched in the classpath is named If English is the active language (which is the default, depending on the JSF configuration and browser), the file that is loaded is Here is a snippet of
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The Microsoft Ajax Library script files, stored in the ScriptLibrary folder The Microsoft.Web.Preview.dll assembly A web.config file already configured for ASP.NET AJAX CTP
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<target name="codegen"> <taskdef name="hbm2java" classname="net.sf.hibernate.tool.hbm2java.Hbm2JavaTask" classpathref="class.path"/> <hbm2java config="codegen.cfg.xml" output="generated/src/"> <fileset dir="mappings/"> <include name="**/*.hbm.xml"/> </fileset> </hbm2java> </target>
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Bitter sessions
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separate class loader. Next, the application has a single EJB class loader, which delegates to the EAR class loader parent. All EJB in an EAR file are loaded through the same EJB class loader. Last, each web application or WAR file gets its own class loader, which delegates to the EJB class loader. The container loads classes stored in the ejb-jar or WAR files in their respective class loaders. JARs referenced in the Class-Path attribute in the MANIFEST.MF file of the EJB or WAR files are loaded in the EAR class loader. Essentially, a J2EE application shares all classes stored in referenced JAR files between all components of the J2EE application. EJB share the same class loader and thus the same classes as well. This means that two EJBs in the same application cannot have different versions of the same class file. If you need two versions of the same class, you must deploy them in separate EARs and access each via its remote interfaces. WARs, on the other hand, have dedicated class loaders. Two WAR files can have different versions of the same third-party JAR file stored in the lib directory (If the WAR file references the JAR in its Class-Path attribute, the JAR will be loaded into the EAR class loader and thus will be visible to both web applications.) Why would we want to share classes Sharing classes may or may not be desirable. If two components have unique copies of the same class, they cannot pass by reference. Trying to cast a class instance from one component to the next will result in a ClassCastException or even a ClassNotFoundException if the class isn t visible to the component s class loader. The only way to pass instances back and forth between two components is through serialization. Using a remote interface implicitly has this effect. On the other hand, having separate copies of a class can be desirable as well. If two components share the same class, they also share that class s static state. For example, in the case of the GoF Singleton pattern, both components would share the same instance. If you don t need or desire components to share the same instance, you should deploy them separately.
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Using the query API and JPQL to retrieve entities
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To retrieve the javax.sql.DataSource object from the application server, you must complete two steps. First, you must configure the deployment descriptor for the bean that will need access to the DataSource object. Listing 3.1 shows the partial XML from a deployment descriptor file for the SampleDataSourceBean bean.
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Web Forms offers two types of server-side controls. The first is server-side HTML controls. These look like normal HTML controls, but with the extra attribute runat="server". The alternative to marking HTML controls as server-side controls is to use ASP.NET Server Controls, also called web controls. Web controls have been designed to provide a more convenient server-side API for working with standard HTML controls. Web controls provide a more consistent object model and more consistently named attributes. For example, with HTML controls, there are myriad ways to handle input:
The new location and customLocation attributes do the trick. Set the customLocation attribute to the directory where the logfile should go. These attributes link to properties of the same name in the FileLogTraceListener class. Visual Studio s documentation describes these properties and attributes, plus others that are available for you to configure through app.config. This app.config change is based on an MSDN article titled How to: Write Event Information to a Text File that you can search for in your online help. (Use the Search feature, not the Index feature.)
protected override void LoadPersonalizationBlobs( WebPartManager wpm, string path, string userName, ref byte[] sharedDataBlob, ref byte[] userDataBlob) { PersonalizationStateQuery query = new PersonalizationStateQuery(); query.PathToMatch = path + "|revision";
SOAP Envelope SOAP Header SOAP Block SOAP Block
But the Japanese text isn t rendered because the DefaultFontMapper assumes that each font uses the encoding Cp1252 (WinAnsi). This won t work for Japanese. You can fix this by adding a custom BaseFontParameters object to the mapper as was done here.
Figure 7.8 The edit verb that is shown here is a custom verb that replaces the standard edit verb and is always available to authenticated users even when the current page is not in edit mode.
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