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Figure 12.12 Get Product Info takes the user to a web page specific to this job.
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Web services are an emerging target of software development. Put simply, a web service is a web or enterprise application that provides a way for other programs to call it by using XML as the means of exchanging data. If you can build and deploy a web application, you can build and deploy a web service. If it s all so easy, why do we have a whole chapter on web services Because they add new problems to the process: integration and interoperability. Client applications need to be able to call your web service, including applications that are written in different languages or that use different web service toolkits. We need to extend our existing development process to integrate client-side and interoperability tests. In this chapter, we extend the web application we wrote in chapter 12, adding a SOAP interface to it. We use the Apache Axis library to provide our SOAP interface, rather than the Sun version, because it comes from a sister project to Ant and because we like it. After adding SOAP to our application, we build tests for it, first with a Java client, and then with a C# client running on the .NET platform. As we said, integration and interoperability are the new challenges of a web service development process. 355
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SELECT o FROM AdventureWorksLT2008Entities.SalesOrderHeaders AS o WHERE o.OrderDate = @orderDate
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Regardless of the inherent speed of the log4j system, improving performance of your logging system relies on good programming practices and thoughtful message construction. For instance, the recipe shows a simple example of how reusing already acquired object values can decrease the time it takes to build a message. In addition, concatenating strings, converting primitive types to strings, and similar steps should be used only when necessary. If you must construct a message from various parts (which is common), you should at least test for the logger level to avoid unnecessary construction of the message. When using the PatternLayout class to format your messages, always be concerned with the performance degradation of certain conversion characters. Refer to table 8.3 for these characters, but keep in mind that although they can provide useful data, they do so at a high cost of time. Finally, if performance is your utmost objective, switch to the SimpleLayout class for formatting messages. It provides only a simple message structure, but it performs the fastest of the layout classes.
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import java.lang.System; def seq1:String[] = [ "A" , "B" , "C" ]; def seq2:String[] = [ seq1 , "D" , "E" ]; def flag1 = (seq2 == ["A","B","C","D","E"]); def size = sizeof seq1; System.out.printf("seq1 = {seq1.toString()}%n" "seq2 = {seq2.toString()}%n" "flag1 = {flag1}%n" "size = {size}%n"); seq1 = [ A, B, C ] seq2 = [ A, B, C, D, E ] flag1 = true size = 3
SearchFactory searchFactory = fullTextSession.getSearchFactory(); DirectoryProvider[] provider0 = Retrieve the searchFactory.getDirectoryProviders( DirectoryProvider Animal.class); assert provider1.length == 1: "Wrong provider count"; directory0 = Retrieve a directory instance provider0[0].getDirectory();
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$im->CycleColorMap(amount => integer)
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