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Figure 5.4 Stock watch list WML page Great Britain
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You must always provide a no-argument constructor. This is a constructor that accepts no parameters. The container instantiates instances of the bean class using Class.newInstance(), which requires a no-arg constructor. If no constructors are defined, the no-arg constructor is implicit.
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An example of the MultiFieldQueryParser class in listing 7.7 demonstrates the first listed parse method.
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Listing 6.2
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Paragraph country = new Paragraph(); Anchor dest = Creates named new Anchor(rs.getString("country"), FilmFonts.BOLD); Anchor dest.setName(rs.getString("country_id")); country.add(dest); country.add(String.format(": %d movies", rs.getInt("c"))); document.add(country); for(Movie movie : PojoFactory.getMovies( connection, rs.getString("country_id"))) { imdb = new Anchor(movie.getMovieTitle()); Creates external imdb.setReference(String.format( reference "", movie.getImdb())); document.add(imdb); document.add(Chunk.NEWLINE); } document.newPage(); ... Anchor toUS = new Anchor("Go to first page."); Creates Anchor with toUS.setReference("#US"); internal reference document.add(toUS);
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if (node.Nodes.Count == 0) { // if the node was checked... if (node.Checked) { // add the full path to the arrayList fileNames.Add(node.FullPath); } } else { foreach (TreeNode n in node.Nodes) { GetCheckedFiles(n, fileNames); } } } private void btnDelete_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { // ask them if they are sure System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult result = MessageBox.Show( "Are you quite sure ", // msg "Delete Files", // caption MessageBoxButtons.OKCancel, // buttons MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation, // icons MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button2); // default button if (result == System.Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK) { List<FileInfo> fileNames = GetFileList( ); foreach (FileInfo file in fileNames) { try { // update the label to show progress lblStatus.Text = "Deleting " + txtTargetDir.Text + "\\" + file.Name + "..."; Application.DoEvents( ); file.Delete( ); } catch (Exception ex) { // you may want to do more than // just show the message MessageBox.Show(ex.Message); } } lblStatus.Text = "Done."; Application.DoEvents( ); } }
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This code starts by including GD and our hypothetical module GDTextWrap. Next, a GD::Image object is created and some colors are allocated for it. A variable $text is declared and some standard pseudo Latin text to be used in the text boxes is assigned to it. Then, a GDTextWrap object is created, and the GD::Image object is associated with it by passing it to the constructor as the first argument. The drawing color of the object is set to one of the earlier allocated colors, the font and font size to something agreeable, the text to the Latin phrase, the top boundary to 10, and a line spacing is chosen. Now it is time to start drawing some boxes. First, the alignment and left and right bounding parameters are set. Then, a blue rectangle the size of the bounding box is drawn by using a postulated method called get_bounds() that gives us coordinates exactly in the manner that the rectangle() method wants. Finally, the draw() method is called. This is repeated for three more boxes to produce figure 11.4. All of the above looks like approximately the amount of code we would like to write to produce text boxes. Unfortunately, the hypothetical module GDTextWrap does not exist,4 so we will have to write it ourselves. We start by creating the main module file In this file we put the code for the class GDTextWrap. In Perl, a class is not much more than a package, so:
These exceptions will not roll back the active transactions. You must handle these exceptions as follows:
Example A-42. Our solution to Exercise 15-1 (continued)
In this chapter, you learned how the routing module in the ASP.NET MVC Framework gives you virtually unlimited flexibility when designing routing schemas to implement both static and dynamic routes. Best of all, the code needed to achieve this is relatively insignificant. Designing a URL schema for an application is the most challenging thing we ve covered in this chapter, and there s never a definitive answer as to what routes should be implemented. Although the code needed to generate routes and URLs from routes is simple, the process of designing that schema isn t. Ultimately every application will apply the guidelines in a unique manner. Some people will be perfectly happy with the default routes created by the project template, whereas others will have complex, custom route definitions spanning multiple C# classes. You learned that the order in which routes are defined determines the order they re searched when a request is received, and that you must carefully consider the effects of adding new routes to the application. As more routes are defined, the risk of breaking existing URLs increases. Your insurance against this problem is route testing. Although route testing can be cumbersome, helpers like the fluent route-testing API in MvcContrib can certainly help. The most important thing to note from this chapter is that no application written with the ASP.NET MVC Framework should be limited in its URLs by the technical choices made by source code layout and that can only be a good thing! Separation of the URL schema from the underlying code architecture gives ultimate flexibility and allows you to focus on what would make sense for the user of the URL rather than what the layout of your source code requires. Make your URLs simple, hackable, and short, and they ll become an extension of the user experience for your application. In the next chapter, you ll see some advanced deployment concepts for your ASP.NET MVC applications.
database sit on the same machine or across a network How big is a typical result set To whom are the results applicable Developers often incorrectly assume that executing the query consumes most application effort. If queries have an optimal configuration and a properly worded SQL command (combined with indexing, partitioning, caching, and other optimizations in the data tier), they typically run surprisingly efficiently. Developers often fail to realize the possible efficiency of query execution, nor do they keep in mind that they can t keep the database connection open across requests. Consequently, developers often implement a Page-by-Page Iterator that executes the query and pulls back all results up front. The implementation stores the entire DTO collection in the user s session, either globally or in a stateful session. In any case, the results consume nontrivial amounts of memory, even past the duration of a user s request. Storing large amount of nonglobally applicable data for extended time periods may severely cripple an application s scalability. For example, if the results of a query take up 5 MB of memory and you ve allocated 128 MB to your application, you can support a maximum of 25 unique users before you use up all your memory. On the other hand, if you maintain no state across requests, you can scale to serve as many clients as the server can throw. Doing so would incur a reasonably low amount of memory. Another option would be to rerun the query each time the user makes a request, then pull back only the necessary data. Those who have implemented these types of applications in the past know that queries don t always lend themselves to pulling out randomly located pages, especially when the SQL WHERE clause gets complicated. Two options for pulling out given pages remain. First, you can use a vendor-specific SQL extension. For example, with Oracle, you d use the ROWNUM keyword:
You should see the message Hello, world! echoed to the console by the java task. There should also be a file named message.txt in your working directory that contains the same string. Congratulations! You are another satisfied user of Ant.
10.2.4 Properties What we ve covered so far should be sufficient for you to understand (and write) most simple Objective-C code. There s one other major feature in Objective-C that deserves some extended discussion because of its unique syntax: the property.
To populate the materials or size types drop-down list directly from a database, you can make a standard ADO.NET call to the database (either using ADO.NET directly or your favorite data-access layer technology, such as Linq2SQL, ADO.NET Entity Framework, or NHibernate). The following code shows how you could bind the size drop-down list using ADO.NET directly:
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