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Return briefly to the HTML markup for this page by clicking on the Source section button at the bottom of the page. If you re familiar with HTML, you ll notice the <table> tag for the table we added. But you ll also find something unfamiliar within the first table row.
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12.3 Data filtering and interception
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There s one final trick we should cover when it comes to loops (see listing 3.27): applying a filter to selectively pull out only the elements of the source sequence we want.
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There is nothing special you need to do from the client side to use stateful beans. As a matter of fact, there is virtually no difference in the client code between using a stateless and a stateful bean, other than the fact that the client can safely assume that the EJB is maintaining state even if it is sitting on a remote application server. The other remarkable thing to note about listing 2.4 is the fact that the @EJB annotation is injecting a remote EJB into a standalone client. This is accomplished by running the client in the application client container (ACC).
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Dim ticTacToeBoard(0 To 2, 0 To 2) As Char ' 3 x 3 board
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To coordinate the two-phase commit across many different kinds of resources, the transaction manager and each of the resource managers must talk the same tongue, or use a common protocol. In the absence of such a protocol, imagine how sophisticated even a reasonably effective transaction manager would have to be. The transaction manager would have to be developed with the proprietary communication protocol of every supported resource. The most popular distributed transaction protocol used today is the XA protocol, which was developed by the X/Open group. Java EE uses this protocol for implementing distributed transaction services.
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Both will produce this output:
Conversion back from HSV to RGB may look quite complex but isn t really that difficult to follow.
16: Throwing and Catching Exceptions
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