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public interface TravelAgent { public void makeReservation(int cruiseID, int cabinID, int customerId, double price); }
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The implementation reveals an implicit contract between the component and the HTML markup for the reader. The component is constructed with an ID that it stores in its this.id attribute. The ID is then used as a prefix to find various elements within the markup. In this case, the IDs of the buttons are assumed to be the ID passed into the constructor, followed by _prevBtn, _nextBtn, _pauseBtn, and addBtn. To illustrate this, in the example construction just mentioned that uses rssReader for the ID, the component expects the buttons to be specified as follows:
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First we ll look at a typical fuzzy query in listing 7.12, then we ll show you something that you ve probably been wondering about since our discussion of fuzzy queries in section 7.1.4. Is it possible to examine the list of terms that the FuzzyQuery generates and uses to search the index for matches
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Rather than checking that the number of packages is greater than zero, you might want to check that it is a number at all (rather than a letter or date). To do this, you make a minor change to the CompareValidator.
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In the previous section, we looked at how you could store the shopping cart in SQL Azure and how you could scale it out horizontally if necessary. Although it s possible to scale out a SQL Azure database, it still requires you to add some manual partitioning
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Using quoted SQL identifiers By default, Hibernate doesn t quote table and column names in the generated SQL. This makes the SQL slightly more readable and also allows us to take advantage of the fact that most SQL databases are case insensitive when comparing unquoted identifiers. From time to time, especially in legacy databases, you ll encounter identifiers with strange characters or whitespace, or you may wish to force case-sensitivity. If you quote a table or column name with backticks in the mapping document, Hibernate will always quote this identifier in the generated SQL. The following property declaration forces Hibernate to generate SQL with the quoted column name "Item Description". Hibernate will also know that Microsoft SQL Server needs the variation [Item Description] and that MySQL requires `Item Description`.
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' *** Insert Code Snippet #1 here.
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Making documents interactive
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ValueOne: 10, valueTwo: 20, maxValue: 20
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} finally { // Clean up, closing the context to log out context.close(); }
/* Output [August, 31] */
This String is written twice, using two different fonts: Angsana New and Arial Unicode MS.
Example 21-3 is the complete .aspx file.
to context
Defines fonts for text field
} created and found catch(Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); System.out.println("Failed Finding Entity:"+e.getMessage()); } } private TestEntity createEntity(String txt, TestEntityHome home) throws ObjectNotFoundException, Creates the test CreateException,RemoteException { TestEntity entity = null; Integer id = null; System.out.println("Creating Entity with ID: "+txt); entity = (TestEntity) PortableRemoteObject.narrow( home.create(txt), TestEntity.class); id = entity.getEntityId(); System.out.println("Created Entity with ID: "+id.intValue()); return entity; } private TestEntity findEntity(Integer id, TestEntityHome home) throws ObjectNotFoundException, FinderException, Finds the test CreateException, RemoteException {
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