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As soon as there are fields of type TEXT, DATE, or NUMBER in the collection schema, you need to create a PdfCollectionItem for each file specification. This class comes with a plethora of addItem() methods that allow you to set the values of the different fields present in the collection schema. If you sorted the collection shown in figure 16.4 alphabetically in ascending order based on the titles, you d want the movie A Clockwork Orange to follow Barry Lyndon, and not the other way around. To achieve this, you need to pass the string Clockwork Orange with the addItem() method and the article A with the setPrefix() method. The title would be shown as A Clockwork Orange, but the sorting order wouldn t be affected by the article A .
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Durability A database that doesn t persist data in a durable way is like a bridge that doesn t support the cars that drive on it. The ACID feature of durability requires that once the database has reported a transaction as ending successfully, the results are safe. Even if a system failure occurs after the transaction, the data should be safe. Now that you re familiar with the basics of transactions and the qualities that make them what they are, let s discuss how you work with various types of transactions in iBATIS.
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initWithCustomView: initWithImage:style:target:action: initWithTitle:style:target:action:
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A session bean alternative: Spring
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var eventsByDay = from ev in events group ev by ev.StartTime.Date;
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@Entity @Indexed(name="Item") public class Dvd { ... } @Entity @Indexed(name="Item") public class Drink { ... }
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First, the Hibernate runtime compiles the query into SQL, taking into account the database-specific SQL dialect. Next, a PreparedStatement is created and any query parameters are set. Finally, the runtime executes the PreparedStatement and converts the ResultSet into instances of the persistent objects. (It s a little more complicated than the threesentence description, but I hope you get the idea.) When you retrieve persistent objects, you also need to retrieve the associated objects, such as many-to-ones and child collections.
First steps with Ajax
Table 2.1 This file listing for session bean fa ade logging implementation shows the complexity of a simple logging component. The line count provides a pretty good handle of the potential complexity and drudgery that we re dealing with in the EJB arena. Classification Entity bean File name LogEntry.java LogEntryBean.java LogEntryHome.java Session bean Logger.java LoggerBean.java LoggerHome.java Sample client code Deployment descriptor Vendor-specific deployment configuration TestLogger.java ejb-jar.xml weblogic-cmp-rdbms-jar.xml weblogic-ejb-jar.xml 8 48 13 10 54 9 58 55 26 28 File line count
If the Process Validations phase completes, register.doRegister executes in Invoke Application. This is a stateful session bean that lives in the event context. The registration Seam component The registration form has two bindings to the register Seam component. The first binding is a value binding, with register.verifyPassword. JSF and Seam now synchronize the user input from this field with the register.setVerifyPassword() and register.getVerifyPassword() methods. The second binding is an action binding of the Register button to the register.doRegister() method. This method must implement additional checks after JSF and Hibernate Validator input validation, before the currentUser can be stored as a new account in the database. See the code in listing 17.16.
The FindEdges application won t run on a device with an older OS version due to the bitmap requirements, but your application may not be so constrained. If your application isn t constrained, consider setting the minSdkVersion as low as possible to make the application accessible to a wide variety of devices. If your application contains a hard constraint, don t neglect this step because properly specifying a minimum SDK level prevents users with older devices from installing an application that can t run on their devices. This is better than allowing users to install your application and experience problems running the app.
System security Distributed systems exist to share valuable resources among specific parties. Take pains to ensure that these resources are not shared with or modified by anyone else. Finding ways to share information securely over communication channels is the primary challenge of security. There are two main aspects to security in distributed systems. One involves verifying the identity and access rights of each user. We will discuss that topic here. The other involves the broader topic of protecting the application from hackers and other would-be users who should not have any access to the system. More information on that topic can be found in appendix B. The first critical step in securing your system is having a reliable authentication and authorization system for its intended users.
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1: Introducing .NET
select item.* from ITEM item where item.ITEM_ID =
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