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Hibernate can cache query results.
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Description Order ID Description
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<Rectangle.Fill> <SolidColorBrush x:Name="rectangleBrush" Color="Blue" /> </Rectangle.Fill>
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Working with data
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SimpleHTMLFormatter formats code to highlight matches
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Until the web site is built for the first time, the IDE will think all these Profile properties are invalid and underline them with the dreaded squiggly line. Either click the Build Build Web Site menu item or just run the page. The first line you added uses the IsAnonymous property of the Profile object. You can t set the profile properties if the user isn t logged in, so you need to check that first. The Profile object has properties that correspond to the properties you added in web.config. To test that the Profile object has, in fact, stored this data, add a Panel control to the bottom of the Welcome page, as shown in Figure 9-28. Set the ID property of the Panel control to pnlInfo and set its Visible property to False, so that it will not normally display. The Labels within the Panel control should be named lblFullName, lblPhone, and lblBirthDate. You should also set the Text properties of these Labels as shown in Figure 9-28.
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Put results in the cache
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function Cat() { this._name; this._age; } Cat.prototype.speak = function() { alert("Meeeeooow!"); }
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Setting up a sandbox testing environment Creating a simple store
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Listing 9.6 Enigma.fx (version 1, part 2)
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Source Listing
Working with persistent objects
class TraineeFirefighter : Firefighter { protected override void TurnOnHose() { if (hoseTrainedOnFire) { Console.WriteLine("The fire is going out."); } else { Console.WriteLine("There's water going everywhere!"); } } private bool hoseTrainedOnFire; protected override void TrainHoseOnFire() { hoseTrainedOnFire = true; Console.WriteLine("Training the hose on the fire."); }
A.2 JNDI as a component registry
Listing 6.2 updatePlanets() function
Example C-9. The markup file for Exercise 3-1 (continued)
15.2 The navigation controller
DateTime inactiveSince = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-200) ; PersonalizationStateInfoCollection inactiveUserResult = PersonalizationAdministration.GetAllInactiveUserState(inactiveSince) ;
Building a tab bar interface
@MessageDriven public class JmsTimerBean implements MessageListener { @Resource TimerService timerService public void onMessage(Message message){ MapMessage mapMessage = (MapMessage)message; long expirationDate = mapMessage.getLong("expirationDate"); } timerService.createTimer(expirationDate, null ); @Timeout public void timeout( ){ // put timeout logic here }
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