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FIGURE 10-3 Specifying a protocol for the share
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onRemoveCallback This is an event handler that is called when the object is removed from the cache. This can be null if you don t want to specify a callback method.
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Table 2.1 Toolbar buttons. Button Button name Corresponding menu command New On the File menu, click New. Open On the File menu, click Open. Save On the File menu, click Save Project. Cut On the Edit menu, click Cut. Copy On the Edit menu, click Copy. Paste On the Edit menu, click Paste. Delete On the Edit menu, click Delete. Undo On the Edit menu, click Undo. Redo On the Edit menu, click Redo. Properties On the Clip menu, click Properties. Views On the View menu, click one of the available options. Capture On the Tools menu, click Capture. Synchronize On the Tools menu, click Synchronize. Publish On the File menu, click Publish Presentation. Using the Tabs Each of the Microsoft Producer tabs the Media tab, the Table of Contents tab, and the Preview Presentation tab let you see your project differently. The tabs provide you with three different ways for working with your project. The Media Tab The Media tab is the default view when you first start Microsoft Producer. The Media tab lets you see all the imported or recorded files that you can work with for your current project. This is where you work in when beginning a new project and editing it. s 7 and 9 discuss working in the Media tab to create and edit a project in Producer.
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There are some additional rules and guidelines that you should know about when defining a method that specifies default values for some of its parameters:
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source port of 1723 (0x6BB). This filter allows PPTP tunnel management traffic from the VPN server.
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// The following line displays "Blue". Console.WriteLine(Enum.Format(typeof(Color), 2, "G"))
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surveyanswerslists (container) 1 blob/survey
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Adding Lyrics and Other Details
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Note: Even if your assemblies are in the global assembly cache or in the same folder as the application, the assemblyFile attribute is required. The attribute is used to map the moduleType to the correct IModuleTypeLoader to use. In your application s Bootstrapper class, you need to specify that the configuration file is the source for your ModuleCatalog. To do this, you use the ConfigurationModule Catalog class, as shown in the following code.
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Microsoft does not recommend the following:
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Figure 8-26 As in the majority of cases, the answer to the problem is quite simple .
Managing Internet Explorer s Cache and History
string string
//#define TEST #define VERIFY using System; using System.Diagnostics;
Tracking Access and Changes to Data
If for some reason you decide not to use the BBP Storyboard Formatter, follow these steps to set up the basic formatting you ll need to start sketching the storyboard:
Restricted Tokens
ShipperID CompanyName
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