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However, what would happen if someone wanted to cause trouble and typed in `rm -rf /*` It would run!
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Because this rule is predefined, the Protocols And Ports tab, shown in Figure 31-5, doesn t allow any settings modifications but can be used to view the protocol and port settings to which this rule applies.
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Internet Network Infrastructure
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Entity Customization: Custom Entities and Activities
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// Initialize any private/protected member you stored // in the control state. The values are packed in the same // order and format you stored them in the SaveControlState method. _myProperty1 = (int) currentState[0]; _myProperty2 = (string) currentState[1]; }
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Controls.Add(textBox); Controls.Add(new LiteralControl(" ")); Controls.Add(requiredValidator);
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Notice in the plan that the Ordered property is True. This indicates that the data needs to be returned from the operator ordered. When the operator has the property Ordered: True, the scan can be carried out by the storage engine only in one way by using an index order scan (scan based on index linked list), as shown in Figure 4-26. Unlike an allocation order scan, the performance of an index order scan depends on the fragmentation level of the index. With no fragmentation at all, the performance of an index order scan should be very close to the performance of an allocation order scan because both will end up reading the data in le order sequentially. However, as the fragmentation level grows higher, the performance difference will be more substantial, in favor of the allocation order scan, of course. The natural deductions are that you shouldn t request the data sorted if you don t need it sorted, to allow the potential for using an allocation order scan, and that you should resolve fragmentation issues in indexes that incur large index order scans. I ll elaborate on fragmentation and its treatment later. Here are the performance measures that I got for this query:
Broker Priority Object
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4 Type Fundamentals Thread Stack Heap Manager Type Object e (Employee) year (int32) null = 0 Type object ptr Sync block index Static fields GenProgressReport Employee Type Object Type object ptr Sync block index Static fields GetYearsEmployed GenProgressReport Lookup
12.4 Characters and Strings
The EventAggregator constructs the event during its first access if it has not already been constructed. This relieves the publisher or subscriber from needing to determine whether the event is available. The real work of connecting publishers and subscribers is done by the CompositePresentationEvent class. This is the only implementation of the EventBase class that is included in the Prism Library. This class maintains the list of subscribers and handles event dispatching to the subscribers. The CompositePresentationEvent class is a generic class that requires the payload type to be defined as the generic type. This helps enforce, at compile time, that publishers and subscribers provide the correct methods for successful event connection. The following code shows a partial definition of the CompositePresentationEvent class.
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