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Understanding TCP/IP
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Encapsulate an area inside a <div/> tag. Use jQuery to select this area and animate its display to the user (slide it down or fade it in).
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Typically used to validate arguments .
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9 . . Add a handler for the OnMouseLeftButtonDown event to the MainPage class that animates the image . This will be hooked up to the images directly, so the sender is the image . Just cast the sender as an Image and call the Animate method, passing in the image:
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Local Users And Groups This Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in provides access to more account management features than User Accounts and is friendlier than command-line utilities. For more information, see Using the Local Users And Groups Snap-In in this chapter. Command-line utilities The Net User and Net Localgroup commands, though not particularly intuitive (starting with the name we re talking about local accounts and groups, not network-based accounts!), provide the most complete and direct access to various account tasks. For more information, see Using the Net User and Net Localgroup Commands in this chapter.
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How Are Results and Approaches Determined
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Contents of row before update: Id = 84 Name = Hitch Rack - 4-Bike Description = Carries 4 bikes securely; steel construction, fits 2" receiver hitch. Contents of row after first update: Id = 84 Name = Hitch Rack - 4-Bike Description = Bikes tend to fall off after a few miles. Contents of row after second update: Id = 84 Name = Hitch Rack - 4-Bike Description = Carries 4 bikes securely; steel construction, fits 2" receiver hitch.
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NAT is a service built into a router that modifies the source address of IP datagrams before sending them on to their destinations. This functionality allows NAT clients to connect to the Internet by sharing one or more publicly registered IP addresses on the computer running the NAT service. In Routing And Remote Access, NAT can also be configured to function as a DHCP allocator, a DNS proxy, or a WINS proxy. NAT can be understood as a fully configurable version of ICS. To function, NAT requires that a default route be configured with no gateway specified. NAT clients on the same subnet as the NAT server must be configured to use the NAT server as a default gateway.
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Figure 2.7 The Table of Contents tab. The Preview Presentation Tab While working with your project, it is easy to get a sneak preview of what your final presentation will look like by using the Preview Presentation tab. This tab lets you see your final presentation as it would appear if you published it. Figure 2.8 shows the Preview Presentation tab.
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4 Data and Document Management
By default, Visual Studio defines the UICulture and Culture page attributes as auto.
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If there is no join dependency violation, a table is in 5NF. A more formal de nition says that every nontrivial join dependency in the table is implied by the keys of the table. Finally, let me return to that common sense I mentioned a couple of times. What happens if a project includes an activity, an employee is assigned to a project, and the assigned employee performs the aforementioned activity, but the employee does not have to perform that activity on that project Then you need four tables, which is a design that you would probably create initially. You need the Employees-Projects table, which shows which employees are assigned to which project; the Employees-Activities table, which shows which activities employees can perform; the Projects-Activities table, which shows which activities are needed in which project; and, nally, the Employees-Projects-Activities table, which shows which activity is performed by which employee on which project.
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A P P E N D I X B n R U B Y R E F E R E N C E
Size and Properties
def method_missing(m) root.send(m) end end class FrameworkElement def method_missing(m) find_name(m.to_s.to_clr_string) end end
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