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iCurr += wsprintf ( g_szBuff + iCurr , k_NAMEFMT pSym->Name } } } else { // If the symbol wasn't found, the source file and line // number won't be found either, so leave now. szRet = g_szBuff ; __leave ; } } ASSERT ( iCurr < ( BUFF_SIZE - MAX_PATH ) ) ; // Output the source file and line number information if ( GSTSO_SRCLINE == ( dwOpts & GSTSO_SRCLINE ) ) { ZeroMemory ( &g_stLine , sizeof ( IMAGEHLP_LINE64 ) ) ; g_stLine.SizeOfStruct = sizeof ( IMAGEHLP_LINE64 ) ; DWORD dwLineDisp ; if ( TRUE == SymGetLineFromAddr64 ( GetCurrentProcess ( ) , , ) ;
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Next, you need to define the branch data as a constant array on the Parameters 1 worksheet . You therefore need to assign a range name to this data . 1. Select the cell range L12:U111 . Shortcut: Select cell L12 and press and hold down the Ctrl+Shift keys . Then press first the down arrow key, and then the right arrow key . 2. Next, use the key combination Ctrl+F3 to open the Name Manager dialog box, and click the New button . In the small text box, enter the name rP1.Branches, which is a typical rS1-name . Its prefix indicates that it s a name that appears on a P sheet, most likely a parameter sheet .
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group and set the group type to Security and the group scope to Domain Local.
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By default, the process will run in the context of the current user but without access to network resources; you can run as a speci c user by passing the username and password as shown next but be aware that these are passed in clear text to the remote system and stored in clear text in TFSBuild.proj:
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Error Msg. Output maximum +1 9/3/1752 Unique date range minimum -1 Unique date range minimum Unique date range minimum +1
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At this point, the object in the source AppDomain and the object in the destination AppDomain live separate lifetimes, and their states can change independently of each other . If there are no roots in the source AppDomain keeping the original object alive (as in my Ch22-1-AppDomains application), its memory will be reclaimed at the next garbage collection . To prove that the object returned from MethodWithReturn is not a reference to a proxy object, my Ch22-1-AppDomains application calls System.Runtime.Remoting.RemotingService s public, static IsTransparentProxy method passing in the reference returned from MethodWithReturn . As you can see from the output, IsTransparentProxy returns false, indicating that the object is a real object, not a proxy . Now, my program uses the real object to call the ToString method . Since the mbvt variable refers to a real object, the real implementation of this method is called, and no AppDomain transition occurs . This can be evidenced by examining the debugger s Call Stack window, which will not show an [Appdomain Transition] line .
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Java DatagramSocket and MulticastSocket .NET Classes Class N/A DatagramSocket.bind() DatagramSocket.isBound() DatagramSocket.close() Close()
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2 User-Defined Functions
Guest (account)
Note Was there an easier way to represent this information Perhaps using a stacked column chart and formatting it accordingly would have been easier . Would you now like to represent this information in exactly the way described above If not now, maybe later . That would be a rather challenging exercise . However, you would learn considerably more than you would by using a stacked column chart . Press F9 several times . The charts remain the same; that is, increasingly harder from charts 1 to 4 even though you already know the trick for interpreting these charts . Note how your brain really tries to dispense with the virtually invisible background . View the Shape 3 worksheet: At long last, charts that make sense . Finally, we have clear relationships and recognizable figures against identifiable backgrounds . Each chart looks strangely different even though the same data is plotted each time . This is at least a starting point . Among other things, it allows us to deduce the following important piece of information: Because these charts have such varied effects, you can never remain indifferent to the display objectives that can be achieved with each chart type . These will be covered in greater detail in the section entitled Which Diagram for Which Purpose . Let s begin with a little game: Press F9 until you see a shape in chart 7 that looks something like a kite, the hull of a boat or, at the very least, a hand axe or something that you recognize . Note how your brain is pleased to discover such a figure . Consequences of Designing your Charts observers . They can:
Inspecting Types
This query returns 33 rows. The result set with OUTER APPLY includes left rows for which the right table expression yielded an empty set, and for these rows the right table expression's attributes are NULL. There's a nice side-effect that resulted from the technology added to SQL Server's engine to support the APPLY operator. Now you are allowed to pass a column reference parameter from an outer query to a table-valued function. As an example of this capability, the following query returns, for each supplier, the lower of the two most expensive beverage prices (assuming there are at least two), generating the output shown in Table 7-7: SELECT S.SupplierID, CompanyName, (SELECT MIN(UnitPrice) FROM dbo.fn_top_products(S.SupplierID, 1, 2) AS P) AS Price FROM dbo.Suppliers AS S;
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Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
Figure 11-1 The Launchbar gives you quick information about what needs to be done in Office Groove 2007.
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