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<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" ShowGridLines="True"> ... <basics:GridSplitter ... <StackPanel VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Orientation="Vertical" Margin="5"> <TextBlock FontSize="18" FontWeight="Bold" Text="Silverlight 2"> </TextBlock> <TextBlock FontSize="18" FontWeight="Bold" Text="Isolated Storage Demo"> </TextBlock> </StackPanel> </Grid>
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To complete the lessons in this chapter, you should be familiar with developing applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 by using Microsoft Visual Basic or Microsoft Visual C#. In addition, you should be comfortable with all of the following:
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Part V
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In the remainder of this section, I d like to point out a few other code constructs that have unexpected behavior when used with generics due to verifiability issues and how constraints can be used to make the code verifiable again .
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The main rendezvous point for the ASP .NET navigation infrastructure is the SiteMap class . To support the navigation infrastructure, the SiteMap class has a set of static methods for managing site navigation . The SiteMap class serves as an in-memory representation of the navigation structure for a site, and its functionality is implemented by one or more site map providers . It s an abstract class, so it must be inherited . The SiteMap class performs several functions . First, it serves as the root node of the site navigation hierarchy . Second, it establishes the principal site map provider . Finally, it keeps track of all the provider objects that comprise the site map . The SiteMap contains a hierarchical collection of SiteMapNode objects . Regardless of how the site map data is maintained, the SiteMap is the interface for accessing a site s navigation information .
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All pages, by result type: ok 165 URLs 83.76% not found 10 URLs 5.08% server error 20 URLs 10.15% skip type 2 URLs 1.02% Total 197 URLs 100.00%
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Starting from this list of results, you need to get the products that are most frequently bought along with this product. The first problem with this list of products is that it includes the product with the product_id of 4. To eliminate it from the list (because, of course, you can t put it in the recommendations list), you simply add one more rule to the WHERE clause: SELECT od2.product_id FROM order_detail od1 JOIN order_detail od2 ON od1.order_id = od2.order_id WHERE od1.product_id = 4 AND od2.product_id != 4; Not surprisingly, you get a list of products that is similar to the previous one, except it doesn t contain the product with a product_id of 4 any more: product_id ---------5 10 43 5 10 23 25 28 10 12 14 43 Now the list of returned products is much shorter, but it contains multiple entries for the products that were ordered more than once in the orders that contain the product identifier 4. To get the most relevant recommendations, you need to see which products appear more frequently in this list. You do this by grouping the results of the previous query by product_id and sorting in descending order by how many times each product appears in the list (this number is given by the rank calculated column in the following code snippet): SELECT FROM JOIN od2.product_id, COUNT(od2.product_id) AS rank order_detail od1 order_detail od2 ON od1.order_id = od2.order_id WHERE od1.product_id = 4 AND od2.product_id != 4 GROUP BY od2.product_id ORDER BY rank DESC;
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Security Essentials . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 347
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however, boundary testing revealed the problem was only partially fixed. After the fix, I repeated the same set of steps, but this time after I clicked the Yes button a new error message appeared that said, "Cannot create the [lpt1] file. Make sure that the path and filename are correct." After clicking OK, control flow returned me to Notepad. Any time I encountered an error message, I repeated exactly the same set of steps to make sure I got the same exact error message. Guess what The second time in traversing the same path to the error message revealed the same problem encountered prior to the fix. How did I know to test for a loop in the Save dialog box Quite simply, any time I encounter an error message I use a rule of thumb I refer to as the d j vu heuristic. (A heuristic is a commonsense rule (or set of rules) intended to increase the probability of solving some problem. Heuristics are valuable because they generally add value, but they might also be fallible.) The d j vu heuristic specifically analyzes the minimum boundary value and the values immediately above and immediately below that boundary value. In this case, the minimum -1 value is not executing the error path; the minimum boundary condition is executing the path that instantiates the error message, and the minimum +1 value is repeating the same steps to ideally traverse the same path through the code.
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To make sketching your paper storyboard more convenient by printing more than nine slides on a single page, see the section Tip 8: Print FullPage Storyboards later in this chapter.
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Private Domain Namespace
Protecting Your Web Part
To be able to describe how this solution works, we ll need to take a detour via the Lists 1 sheet .
7. The ControllerActionInvoker determines which action to invoke on the controller and executes the action on the controller, which results in calling the model and returning a view.
2 . . In the companion CD UI, select Code from the menu on the left . The InstallShield Wizard will guide you through the installation process . 3 . . Review the end-user license agreement . If you accept the terms, select the accept option, and then click Next . 4 . . Accept the default settings to install the code . The code samples are installed to the following location on your computer: \C\Microsoft Press\ASP.NET 4 Step by Step\ Additionally, if you have IIS running and you open the Internet Information Services conole, you will see that the installer creates a virtual directory named aspnet4sbs under the Default Web Site . Below the aspnet4sbs virtual directory, various Web applications are created .
The name of the product is displayed using a BoundField object. The Discontinued column clearly renders a Boolean value. The sample button column allows you to add the product to the shopping cart; the hyperlink can navigate to a page with more information about the product. In the sample, the button column shows a fixed text for all data items. You get this by setting the Text property on the ButtonField class. If you want to bind the button text to a particular field on the current data item, you set the DataTextField property to the name of that field. The same pattern applies to the hyperlink column field in regard to the caption of displayed hyperlinks. The URL can be set in either of two ways: through a direct binding to a data source field or by using a hardcoded URL with a customized query string. The second approach is illustrated in the previous sample. You choose the direct binding if the URL is stored in one of the data source fields. In this case, you set the DataNavigateUrlFields property to the name of the column. In some situations, though, the URL to access is application-specific and not stored in the data source. In this case, you can set the DataNavigateUrlFormatString property with a hardcoded URL and with an array of parameters in the query string. The actual value of the parameters is determined by the comma-separated list of field names passed to the DataNavigateUrlFields property. In the example, the product ID and name are used to select the information to show in the helper moreinfo.aspx page. This behavior extends that of the DataGrid s hyperlink column in that it supports multiple parameters.
Tip To decide whether to use AND or OR in a custom filter, ask yourself this question: in a single row
Potential Values in a Binary Octet
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